How to Move on After Your Divorce (Pt 1)

An open road, leading away through sweeping fields, into a horizon full of clouds and bright lights.
Your post-divorce future is an open road. But where it leads will be based on choices you make now…

Divorce is tough. The events that lead up to it are often emotionally exhausting. The process is usually long and drawn out and full of conflict. And for many people, what comes after is rarely as sunny as you’d hoped. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can walk away from your divorce towards a brighter and happier future, it may just require some planning and a few conscious choices on your part. What plans, you wonder? What choices do I need to make? Don’t worry – we’ve got your road map to happiness right here.

Get some help

For many people, the idea of seeing a therapist or counselor is ridiculous (“There’s nothing wrong with me! Why should I get therapy?”) But this has nothing to do with anything being “wrong” with you, and everything to do with helping you process grief, work through anger, and resolve conflict. Divorce is a difficult time and you’re probably going to struggle with a lot of resentment, loss, and sadness. There’s nothing wrong with getting help to wade through this emotional swamp, and get out the other side faster. The sooner you work through all the negativity that divorce brings, the sooner you can move on to a healthier and more balanced future.

Make smart financial choices

We’ve talked about this before many times, but divorce changes your financial landscape. In most cases, people have less cash on hand, and they have to cut back. It may seem unfair and unpleasant, but the last thing you need as you start this new single life is a growing debt problem. So as you move forward into your new life, make smart choices with your money. Don’t live beyond your means. Stick to your budget. And be willing to let things go for this season until you can get back onto your feet after this period of life is over. It might not be fun, but you’ll be grateful down the road when you’re not lumped with thousands in credit card debt, or drowning under all your bills!

Start a new hobby

Yes, we know – that can seem like a strange thing to suggest when we’ve just told you to be careful with your cash. But not every hobby has to cost a bundle. It can be something as simple as writing poetry, taking long walks, or collecting rocks. Find something that gives you pleasure, and takes your mind off your troubles. You don’t have to share your efforts with anyone else if you don’t want to. However, if your budget allows, why not sign up for a pottery class, try your hand at flower gardening, or see if you’ve got any skills for knitting. Whatever interests you. Just get out and try something new. After all, you’ve got a new life ahead of you after the divorce is over. Why not spice it up with new hobbies?

Let us help you with the hard parts of your divorce

Divorce is hard. But you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) do it alone. Here at The Kronzek Firm, our skilled and experienced family law attorneys can help you with every aspect of your divorce, from alimony and child support, to custody and asset division. We’ve been helping people from all over mid-Michigan for decades, and we can help you too. Just call 866 766 5245 today and ask to speak to anyone of our helpful divorce attorneys. We’re available 24/7. And don’t forget to join us again next time for the rest of the list!