Men: Who NOT To Date After Your Divorce (Part 2)

Who you should avoid when you hit the dating circuit again after divorce.


Thanks for coming back to talk about who you should avoid dating after a divorce (We told you it was going to be fun!) Thus far we’ve looked at the first three types of women who would make bad post-divorce-dating-partners. You remember, right? Of course you do! So moving on, we’re going to wrap this up with the last three on the list. Here goes…


Ms. Tick-tock-tick-tock,-goes-the-clock


There are many women in the world who look forward to getting married and having children. Nothing wrong with that. But for some of those women, as they approach their thirties (and in some cases, their forties) the ticking of their biological clock gets louder and louder. This makes it harder for them to focus on anything other than finding a good man to settle down with so that they can start having those beautiful babies.


But when you’ve just ended a serious relationship, possibly one that resulted in children, the last thing you need is someone who is going to pressure you to tie the knot again. Unless you are looking to get married again in the near future (which mental health professionals say isn’t a healthy idea, by the way) then you should avoid dating a woman who is in a hurry to settle down with Mr. Right. After all, right now you are still Mr. Finding His Feet.


Ms. I’ve-always-been-here-for-you


What better way to get back on your feet after a divorce than with the love and care of a woman who has been there for you all this time. Your secret admirer from afar. The woman who has had a crush on you for years, and now that you are finally single she’s right there for you. Ready to help you pick up the pieces and put your heart back together the way it should have been from the start.


Sounds great, right? Your ego probably needs a boost right now, and what better person to give it to you than someone who already adores you. But if she has adored you for years, then she is probably champing at the tip to get this relationship rolling, while you are still floundering and trying to heal from your divorce. Right now you don’t need to be rushed into another commitment. You need time to process and heal. So if she really loves you, and she’s waited all this time, then it won’t kill her to wait a little longer in the name of your emotional health.


Ms. High-maintenance-because-I’m-worth-it


A confident woman is sexy, no question. A woman who knows her own worth, and doesn’t tolerate put downs from others can be very appealing, and with good reason. But there is a difference between a woman who values herself as a person, and a woman who believes that she deserves the best of everything. The main difference being the cost!


Romantic cruises to the Caribbean, candle lit dinners at award-winning restaurants, and gifts that glitter from renowned jewelers are great, but they are also costly. So is divorce. So if you are recently divorced and still recovering from the financial ramifications, the last thing you need is a glamorous girlfriend who is going to rack up your debt like it’s her job to destroy your credit. Better to seek out someone who understands and respects your financial situation, and doesn’t expect the moon, when all you can afford is a trip to the planetarium.
We hope this little list has provided you with something to think about next time you swipe right on Tinder. Because dating after divorce can be a tricky matter, and the better prepared you are going in, the more successful you are likely to be. Got questions about other divorce related issues? Come in and talk to us, or give us a call at 517 886 1000. We’re here for you.