Michigan Law Allows Parents Access to Their Kids School Records

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Whether you choose to exercise your right or not, Michigan does give parents the right to access their children’s school records!

Michigan law often seems like it’s not set up to be in favor of parents. Between CPS and the ever-changing slew of new laws that dictate how parents can discipline, care for, and even make medical decisions for their children, it can feel like the government wants to deny you any chance to parent your own children. But when it comes to children’s school records, they’ve definitely got your back.

Access to school records is good news for Michigan parents!

This is good to know for parents involved in a divorce, parents whose children are in foster care, and parents who want to be actively involved in their children’s education. If you’re wondering about other people having access to your child’s school records, the same laws that grant you access as a parent, restrict others from getting ahold of that info.

So exactly what can be shared by the school?

There are times when the information in your child’s school records must, by law, be shared by the school. Those times include:

  • When a parent requests that information (although the school is not legally required to give you copies, only to show you the records and allow you to view them.
  • When a member of the school staff chooses to view the records, as long as it’s related to legitimate educational needs
  • When a local, state or federal agency requests the information for auditing and reporting purposes
  • When it’s results from a test that has to be shared (like MSTEP or SATs)
  • When the information is considered to be “discretionary information” (like your child’s name, awards, sport participation, etc) and you’ve been informed that the information is discretionary
  • When you’ve given the school written permission to share that information with certain people

And what information can’t be shared by the school?

However, there are certain specific pieces of information that schools are not allowed to share unless they have permission to do so. That includes report cards, transcripts, family information, class schedules, and disciplinary records that would allow someone to contact, locate, or identify your child.

Know your rights so you can exercise them!

One of the things we’ve always advocated for is that people know their rights. The more you know about what you’re legally entitled to, the more you can ensure that you’re not missing out on something you should have, and the better informed you’ll be. So as a parent, make every effort to know what your rights are, so you can exercise them. And so that no one can pull the wool over your eyes about your freedoms as a parent.

Get help from the firm that fights aggressively for our client’s rights

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