What?! How Much Is My Divorce Going To Cost? (Part 2)

Getting divorced means lots of extra expenses – so be prepared to start saving!


Welcome back to our discussion on the true cost of a divorce. In our previous article we looked at three very important financial aspects of a divorce that need to be considered if you are contemplating leaving your spouse. These were household expenses, additional payments (like child support and alimony), and attorney’s fees. However, those aren’t the only money matters you need to keep in mind. Here are a few more….


Moving out means incurring additional costs


Perhaps the moving itself may not cost anything, especially if you have a number of helpful friends with large trucks on hand who are willing to help you. But in many cases, even if you don’t hire a moving company or rent a UHAUL truck, additional costs will still add up. Even if that means nothing more than all the extra gas you burn through. Why? Making all those extra trips, of course, getting your things out of the house, and stocking up your new home.


Which brings us to the other point – stocking up your new home and furnishing it. When a couple gets divorced and parts ways, there is usually only enough furniture and household items between them to equip one home. So someone is going to have to spend a significant chunk of change putting a down payment on a new place. And then, buying couches and beds and pots and pans and towels and plates and silverware adds up quickly.


Time is money, and getting divorced is very time consuming


Another area where a divorce will cost you is time. Time spent hashing it out with your soon-to-be ex. Time spent talking it over with your kids. Time spent with your attorney filling out enormous amounts of paperwork. Time spent in court. Time spent preparing and gathering relevant documents. And time spent doing all those little things you never even realized you were going to have to handle.


Things like taking time to sit down and figure out a budget for your future life. Or time spent trying to look for a new job. Time spent filling out applications for government assistance to ease the financial strain of being a single parent. Also, there is time spent with a therapist or counselor while you work through this. And possibly even time spent transporting your kids to and from therapy appointments while they come to grips with what is going on.


Getting divorced can be a very expensive if you don’t prepare well


Very few people realize how much time is spent preparing; both for and during a divorce. Of course, if the marriage itself was a waste of time in your opinion, then this time will ultimately be worth it in the end! Please join us again for the final segment, where we’ll be talking about the less tangible costs – the mental and emotional costs associated with a divorce.


Until then, if you or a loved one have already decided on a course of action and you want to end your marriage, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our skilled and practiced family law attorneys have decades of experience helping the people of Michigan prepare for their futures. We can help you too!