Revenge on a Cheating Spouse? Reasons You Should Think Twice! (Pt 3)

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! Did you discover your ex is cheating on you? Don’t bother with revenge!


Welcome back. We know this is something of a touchy subject, so thanks for sticking with us while we break it down. If you’re only just stumbling onto this series now, we recommend you spend a moment getting caught up here. But if you’ve been with us from the start, let’s pick up where we left off, with a look at some of the repercussions you could be in for if you decide to get revenge on a cheating spouse!


First, it depends on what you had in mind…


When you think about revenge, what exactly did you mean? Were you talking about going out and having an affair so that you can get even? Or were you thinking of something more direct and a lot less sexual? The reason we bring this up is because while revenge affairs might be something you come to regret down the road, they’re not illegal. Getting even in other ways might be! So take care when deciding to ‘get back at’ your spouse – it would be awful to end up in jail while they walk off into the sunset with their new lover.


A few common revenge tactics that you should avoid:


Keying their car/slashing their tires:

It can seem like a good idea to trash your spouse’s car, especially if you can catch them while they’re at their lover’s house. But this is actually a bad idea! Keying someone’s car and slashing their tires are actually both illegal in Michigan. Try this and you could end up facing a misdemeanor Destruction of Private Property charge!


Revenge porn:

Some people feel that the best way to make their spouse pay for a sexual dalliance is to post naked pictures, or even private sexual videos, online. Often these are posted with private identifying information which can result in harassment and even threats. Toying with the idea of a little revenge porn? Nope! A recent law passed in Michigan made posting revenge porn a crime in Michigan! So unless you want to end up behind bars, keep your compromising pictures and videos of your spouse private!


Trashing their home:

This doesn’t tend to happen when your spouse still lives with you, but when couples separate after an affair, these type of instances do sometimes happen. Whether it’s throwing a rock through their living room window, or spray painting lewd words on their garage door, it may sound like a great revenge plan, but it’s actually a great get-arrested plan. Destruction of personal Property, as we mentioned earlier, can get you criminal charges.


The best way to get even with a cheating spouse is…


We get it. You’ve been hurt by someone who vowed to love you, and you’re angry. But the best way to get back at a spouse who violated your wedding vows is to move on and live your best life. Prove to them that they can’t drag you down, and that you’re stronger, happier and more fulfilled without them. So whenever you’re ready to file for divorce and move on to a better life, call the experienced divorce attorneys at The Kronzek firm at 866 766 5245. We’re here to help you prepare for your best future.