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  • What You Need to Know About Coercive Control (Pt 2)

    Hey there, and welcome back to this discussion about coerce control, what it means, and how to recognize when it’s happening. As we mentioned in the previous article, coercive control is a form of partner abuse, usually used by one spouse to control and manipulate another. Previously we shared the first three most common ways […]

  • What You Need to Know About Coercive Control (Pt 1)

    Getting divorced is tough. That’s certainly the case for anyone leaving a life partner, especially if they’ve been together a long time, or there are children involved. But disentangling your life from a controlling and emotionally abusive partner is a whole different kettle of fish. If you’re getting divorced, and your spouse has used coercive […]

  • Does Domestic Violence Really Get Worse During The Holidays?

    Domestic violence is a problem all year round. Unfortunately, there is no season where it doesn’t happen. But there are definitely seasons where it seems to get worse, and many say that’s the case during the holidays. The Christmas season in particular is said to be a time of increased domestic assault cases, both in […]

  • How Electronic Surveillance Can be a Form of Domestic Abuse

    Most people, when they think of the term “domestic abuse“, think of spouses who either beat their partners or use emotional weapons like verbal assaults and gaslighting to control them. But the truth is, abuse can come in many forms. And with the passage of time, as technology plays a greater role in everyday life, […]

  • Why Abused Spouses go Back to Their Abusers (Pt 2)

    Welcome back and thanks for joining us for this discussion about abusive marriages, and why it can be so hard to leave an abusive partner. Many people who have never been in an abusive relationship don’t understand why victims don’t just leave and file for divorce. It can seem like such a simple solution. And […]

  • Why Abused Spouses go Back to Their Abusers (Pt 1)

    It’s a question that countless people have asked, more times than you can imagine – why would you stay with someone who hurts you? And even more confusing, why would you go back to someone who abuses you, after you finally got free? To people who’ve never been in an abusive relationship, it simply doesn’t […]

  • The Facts About Claims of Abuse And Violence During Divorces in Michigan! (2)

    Welcome back and thanks for joining us. We know this is a difficult topic, and can be triggering for many people, but we also know it’s important to be honest about the facts. As we mentioned in the previous article, many allegations of domestic assault are made against men, and a surprising number of these […]

  • The Facts About Claims of Abuse And Violence During Divorces in Michigan! (1)

    Domestic violence is a real issue. Every year, thousands of women seek sanctuary in shelters in an effort to get away from partners who hurt them and threaten their lives. Every year even more women don’t seek help, continuing to live in fear of the regular abuse they suffer. Many don’t survive. But for all […]

  • Proposed Legislation Aims to Close Michigan’s “Boyfriend Loophole” For Guns!

    Right now, if you live in Michigan and you get into an altercation with your spouse that results in them hurting you (whether that means punching you, hitting you, kicking you, or injuring you in any other way physically) the law is clear about how that affects their future gun ownership. Specifically, it means they’re […]

  • Domestic Violence Victims Aren’t Always Women. Men Are Victimized Too.

    When someone says the words “victim of domestic violence“, the first picture that comes to mind is usually a woman with a black eye, or a split lip. Why? Because statistics show that there are more female victims of intimate partner violence than there are male victims. So it makes sense that with the majority […]