How Electronic Surveillance Can be a Form of Domestic Abuse

Most people, when they think of the term “domestic abuse“, think of spouses who either beat their partners or use emotional weapons like verbal assaults and gaslighting to control them. But the truth is, abuse can come in many forms. And with the passage of time, as technology plays a greater role in everyday life, electronic surveillance can be used as another way to control and abuse a partner.

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What is electronic surveillance in everyday life?

When used by governments and corporations, electronic surveillance includes the use of CCTV, wiretaps, security cameras, and geo-tracking on cell phones. But for the average civilian it’s nothing quite so sophisticated. However, a lack of sophistication doesn’t mean that the methods and devices available aren’t enough to facilitate domineering and abusive behaviors. For example, installing spyware on your partner’s phone that sends copies of their texts to your phone. Or an app that tracks where they go and how long they stay there.

What devices could an abuser use to spy on their partner?

As technology and the use of smart devices becomes more common in everyday life, there are now more options available for an abuser to spy on and control their victims than ever before. These could include: smart phones, laptops, tablets, personal computers, cameras, thermostats, smart speakers, newer car models, and even their children’s devices.

During a divorce the risk of electronic surveillance may get worse!

If a victim is attempting to divorce their abusive partner, the risk of surveillance through electronics may actually get worse. Abusers who attempt to control their partner’s lives do not appreciate being “left”. Divorces and other attempts by victims to get “free” often trigger an escalation of the abuse they suffer. This is important to keep in mind if you are married to a controlling and abusive spouse, and you’re trying to get free by filing for divorce.

A lot of electronic surveillance is illegal in Michigan.

Michigan law doesn’t allow a person to spy on another person, or invade another person’s privacy, even if that person is their spouse. For example, it’s illegal to read another person’s texts or emails, or access their social media accounts and read their DMs unless they have given you express permission to do that. Also, you may not attach a tracking device to their car unless the car is legally yours (the title is in your name). So many forms of electronic surveillance used by abusers are actually illegal here in Michigan.

If you need help with your divorce from an abusive partner…

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