The Facts About Claims of Abuse And Violence During Divorces in Michigan! (2)

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Welcome back and thanks for joining us. We know this is a difficult topic, and can be triggering for many people, but we also know it’s important to be honest about the facts. As we mentioned in the previous article, many allegations of domestic assault are made against men, and a surprising number of these are false. Why would someone lie about intimate partner violence? Lots of reasons, but what we’d like you to keep in mind isn’t why it happens, but rather what happens to the people accused of abuse and violence. Because it isn’t pretty!

You don’t need much evidence to file a PPO in Michigan.

One of the reasons that claims of domestic abuse are so easy to manufacture, is because you don’t need a whole lot of evidence to support your claim. Sure, a black eye and a bloody nose are helpful, but you don’t have to have any physical symptoms at all. All you have to do is claim that you were threatened, or that your partner made you fearful for your life, and that counts as enough. Essentially, it’s your word against theirs, and in most cases, the person accused of violence isn’t there to provide their own side of the story. So you can say anything when filing a Personal Protective Order. Witnesses aren’t required, and nor is physical evidence of any kind.

Why doesn’t the accused get to speak up on their own behalf?

In many circumstances in Michigan, a Personal Protection Order (called a PPO) is issued without a hearing or notice to the alleged offender. This is called an ex parte PPO, and it happens when the situation is considered to be a safety emergency. In other words, the victim is at risk of further violence and abuse, and needs to be made safe immediately. But in this case, the accused often has no idea the hearing has happened until it’s over. They don’t know what was said about them, and they had no chance to defend themselves. So if the claims were fabricated, it could be months before they get a chance to set the record straight!

So what happens next? Do you ever get to defend yourself?

Yes you do, but it can be a month of more before the next hearing is scheduled, and during that time, you won’t be allowed to live in your own home. You won’t be allowed to see or contact your partner in any way, including having a friend or family member reach out on your behalf. You may also have your access to your kids restricted, depending on the types of claims made against you. In many cases, you may also be encouraged to accept a plea bargain, even although you never committed a crime in the first place! This is why you need an excellent family law attorney to help you defend yourself against false allegations of domestic abuse!

And that’s where The Kronzek Firm comes in!

Getting out of an abusive marriage requires a support system of knowledgeable people who understand the risks, the law, and your rights. But defending yourself against false allegations of abuse and domestic violence requires just as much skill! Here at The Kronzek Firm, we know what you’re up against because we’ve helped many people over the years to fight false claims made by toxic spouses. We know how difficult this is going to be, both emotionally and legally, but we’ve got what it takes to help you overcome this. So if you’ve been accused of intimate partner violence that you never committed, call 866 766 5245 today and talk to our skilled and experienced family law attorneys. We’re standing by to help you.