The Weirdest Reasons People Filed For Divorce! (Pt 1)

Imagine being outed by your pet parrot! Sounds crazy? And yet that’s how one Chinese man’s wife discovered he was cheating on her!

Most divorces happen for pretty standard reasons – the couple isn’t happy together anymore, one of them cheated, or there’s some kind of abuse happening in the relationship. But while those might be the most common reasons why people choose to split up, they certainly aren’t the only reasons. In fact, there are all sorts of weird reasons people choose to part ways, and some of them will leave you scratching your head, or laughing out loud. Let’s check out a few of the strangest reasons people got divorced:

Let it go! Let it go! Turn away and slam the door!

One Japanese woman chose to call it quits with her Danish husband after he revealed that he didn’t love the movie she was obsessed with at the timeDisney’s Frozen. Apparently she loved it so much that she went to see the film many times in the theatres after it’s release, and even convinced her hubby to join her once. But when he declared that her beloved animated hit was only “okay” she decided they couldn’t spend the rest of their lives together, and filed for divorce.

Be careful of the pet names you pick, oh Dark Lord!

Spouses have long been using pet names to refer to each other, and it’s not uncommon for those names to change depending on who you’re talking to about your other half. But while it may not be kind to refer to your wife as your “old lady”, or your “ball and chain”, one Saudi Arabian woman was so angry about the ‘pet’ name her husband used for her, that she filed for divorce. Apparently he happened to leave his phone at home one day, and she found her number stored under the moniker “Guantanamo”. The insult was bad enough to end their 17 year marriage, but the sizable settlement she took away with her apparently helped ease her grief.

Watch what you say – you never know who might be listening!

A Chinese woman allegedly discovered her husbands infidelity when her talking parrot kept repeating certain words and phrases he’d obviously overheard many times before. Particularly “be patient” and “divorce”, which she quickly assumed her husband must be saying to his secret lover over the phone when she wasn’t home. According to the media sources sharing this story, she confronted him with the evidence and he admitted to cheating, which quickly ended their marriage. The moral of the story? Keep your eye on the birdie!

Politics – The reason that “trumps” them all!

Gayle McCormick, a 73-year-old retired prison guard from Washington state, ended her 22 year marriage after discovering that her husband planned to vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential elections. Apparently she felt so strongly about Trump’s polarizing perspectives, that she decided she couldn’t be married to someone who supported him in any way. In the end, her husband decided not to support Trump, but McCormack went through with the divorce anyway. Her decision made the national papers!

These may be funny, but a divorce rarely is!

These stories might be good for a chuckle, but the process of divorce is rarely if ever a source of fun. In most cases it’s painful, stressful and traumatic. So if you or a loved one have decided to call it quits, make sure you have the right help. Call 866 766 5245 today and discuss your situation with one of our skilled and experienced divorce attorneys. We can help you prepare for the future, ensure that your divorce is fair, and that your rights are not violated.