Upcoming Child Support Hearing : Do I Need A Lawyer?

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Child support is a tricky thing to handle by yourself. This is especially true when there is an upcoming child support hearing in Ingham County, Clinton County, or Eaton County

When a child support hearing is on the horizon, you may feel intimidated, traumatized from a separation or divorce, or just plain exhausted. Any of those feelings could impair your ability to advocate for yourself. Frankly, being intimidated trying to understand, let alone navigate the complexities of Michigan’s Child Support Formula is the norm. Even family law attorneys that are not very experienced working with the difficult algorithms, interpretations and exceptions to the child support formula can be easily overwhelmed. 

What benefits can an attorney provide?

You have enough on your plate already. Hiring an experienced family law attorney will do everything they can to make the child support determination go in your favor. The formula is complex and there are enough gray areas in the formula that it is often unwise to allow only the Friend of the Court office to calculate your child support. Our family law attorneys frequently uncover errors in those calculations. 

Further, these child support attorneys are best equipped to deal with difficult courtroom environments or uncooperative parties or even Friend of the Court staff that is often overworked and rushed. 

Having a highly ranked family law attorney present can help you to relax and focus on the issue at hand. Parents across the state of Michigan know it is important to have advocates on your side when you are fighting for your kids. That’s why Lansing, Mason, Charlotte, and Okemos parents choose to have representation at upcoming child support hearings all the time.

You can do it yourself, but it isn’t a good idea.

When you invest in quality legal service you not only have someone watching your back, but you also appear more confident and in control. In child support hearings, this appearance goes a long way. Having a knowledgeable advocate in your corner is usually a big plus. 

Messing something up could cost you more in the long run. It’s better to let an experienced child support lawyer handle the legal stuff, so you can focus on yourself and your child.

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