Watch Out! Six Signs Your Marriage is Headed For Divorce! (Pt 2)

These warning signs are clear indicators that your marriage is about to take a tumble!


Thanks for joining us again for this talk about the six most common signs that your marriage is headed for the rocks! As we pointed out before, problems are always easier to fix when they’re dealt with early. Like weeds, the longer you leave them, the deeper their roots go and the harder they are to dig up. Ignoring an issue won’t make it go away, it’ll only make it bigger and harder to deal with. If your relationship is struggling and you want to save it, don’t wait. Procrastination will mean you end up having this discussion with your divorce attorney instead of your spouse!


  1. If you’re the only one who thinks something is wrong…


If you can see there are problems in your relationship, but you’re the only one who seems to have any interest in fixing them, you may be on the road to divorce court! Refusing to talk about issues, even when the other spouse is trying hard to fix what’s wrong, and trivializing problems, or acting as if they’re not genuine concerns can only result in failure.


A relationship, like a tango, takes two people. Only if both of those people are invested in a relationship’s success, will it succeed. You can’t fix a broken marriage on your own, no matter how hard you may try. So if you’re the only one in your marriage who seems to care about dealing with the problems, chances are you’re going to end up divorced.


  1. If you’re slowly drifting apart from each other….


If you and your spouse are beginning to fill up your free time with things that keep you apart, then disengagement has already begun. At this point, only an active commitment to making your marriage work will save the relationship. Spending time apart and having separate interests is normal and healthy, but it shouldn’t be the way you spend most of your time.


Having drinks with colleagues after work, or spending a great deal of time with other friends are both fine and sometimes even healthy. Couples need to have friendships outside of each other, and retain some individual pursuits. But if they are happening more and more often of late, replacing the time you would otherwise have spent together, then those pursuits could indicate a problem.


  1. If you’re always comparing your spouse to other people…


Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and looked at all the gorgeous pictures of other places, and wished you lived there instead? And have you ever roamed around on Pinterest and thought about how much better your life would be if you only had those clothes? Or that house? What about Facebook? Have you ever looked through your friend’s romantic anniversary photos and wished your spouse was that good looking?


Most people have. But the catch is, how often do you find yourself wishing your life and partner were different? If the answer is “regularly” then you might be headed for trouble. If you are always comparing your spouse to other people, and they keep coming up short, chances are you’ll never be satisfied, and your marriages is doomed to fail!


Are you considering ending your marriage in Michigan?


Remember that not every relationship is destined to last. Some couples just don’t work out together, no matter how much effort they put into making their marriage work. If this sounds like your situation, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our skilled divorce attorneys can answer all of your questions, and help you through every aspect of the divorce process, including child custody, asset division and alimony.