What Does Child Support Cover in Michigan?

When couples get divorced in Michigan, one of the many things they have to figure out along the way (if they have children, of course), is how much child support needs to be paid, and by whom. But in order to figure out what the right amount of child support is, you need to know exactly what expenses it’s expected to cover. So we’d like to break that down for you today, so you have a good idea going into the process, what you can reasonably expect from your child support payments.

What exactly is child support supposed to cover anyway?

The purpose of child support is to help with the cost of raising a child. And we all know – children aren’t cheap! Between daycare, clothing (which they seem to outgrow at an alarming rate), food, school supplies, activities and sports, and all sorts of other expenses, they can cost an arm and a leg. But those are just the costs of daily living. What about medical and dental expenses? What about birthday gifts and summer camps and tutoring services? Raising a child can be a very costly endeavor indeed!

There are many things parents forget to account for!

When deciding how much child support a parent needs in order to cover the daily expenses of raising their child or children, they usually remember to take into account the basics, like food and clothing and weekly allowance. But what they often don’t account for are those costs that only crop up once or twice a year, like Christmas gifts, or summer travel plans. And then there’s the issue of unforeseen medical medical expenses, like the braces you didn’t realize they’d need, or the huge co-pay you have to fork out when your kid falls off their skateboard and breaks their arm. How do you cover those costs?

There are several options available to parents to cover these extra costs.

Before making any fixed plans regarding your child support agreement, talk to your attorney about your options. Ask about how you and your spouse could cover unforeseen costs that come up in the future. Some parents choose to address each situation as it happens, agreeing to work together when necessary to cover the expenses of raising their children. Others set aside a certain amount that becomes available when and if it’s needed by the children. There are several options for planning ahead, and your attorney should be able to explain them to you.

It all starts with a good divorce attorney who understands child support concerns

Figuring out child support can be one of the most challenging parts of a divorce. Planning for your family’s financial future, and trying to account for all eventuatlities can be an intimidating process. And that’s where a good divorce attorney comes in. Having the right help, from experienced lawyers who know what you need to prepare for and how best to plan ahead, can make a huge difference to your future comfort. So call The Kronzek Firm today at 866 766 5245 and get help from the experts. We’re available round the clock for family legal emergencies as well. Don’t try to do this alone.