World of ‘Cheatercraft’: How Online Games Can Lead to Online Affairs

Online gaming allows people to live in fantasy worlds, without consequences…


Online games allow people to live, albeit temporarily, in a make-believe world where they can be and do anything they please without repercussions. Sort of. Since like it or not, there are sometimes unexpected repercussions. Out here in the real world, that is. Why? Because relationships that develop with others sharing your online fantasy world sometimes morph into something else….


A few months ago we shared with you the results of a survey conducted by MSNBC on the subject of Love, Lust and Loyalty. The study revealed that, despite the vast majority of people agreeing that cheating on a spouse was unacceptable, more than a quarter of people in marriages had done it – vicariously through online gaming!


Online gaming opens opportunities to cheat on your spouse


Games like Second Life, World of Warcraft, Evony and a host of other online games have become forums for anonymous social contact. Certainly, there are many who use these games as simply that – games. But the number of people logging on and conducting cyber affairs is growing with every year.


The process is simple. You create an account, and then design an avatar for yourself, (usually one with the physical attributes you lack in real life). Then you engage in quests, battles, and interactions with others who, like you, are living life vicariously through their digitally constructed selves. Simple and straightforward, right? Sometimes…


How does an online game lead to an affair with a stranger?


For some people, the dialogues they have with other players become flirtatious. This is exciting and stimulating, especially when your real life seems to lack these things. And online flirting, just like real world flirting, usually leads to sexual desire and the urge to fulfill that desire, whatever the cost. Which is where the affair begins.


Enjoying online gaming, like most other things in life, is perfectly fine in moderation. But the reality that many people discover, is that all the needs and desires that aren’t being met in their real lives, can be met online. So they’re sucked into living a false life in a make believe world in order to get the things that make them happy.


How can you ensure that your spouse doesn’t cheat online?


While there aren’t ways to ensure that you and your spouse don’t encounter this difficult issue in your marriage, perhaps an honest and open talk about the subject can reduce future chances. Things like sharing your online gaming passwords with each other, setting limits you can both live with for time spent online, and knowing that your spouse can access whatever communications you share while playing, can go a long way towards reducing the instance of an online affair. Accountability makes a big difference in the marital arena.


However, some spouses simply aren’t interested in investing in their marriages. And if that sounds like your spouse, and you’re ready to cut ties and move on to a better future, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our skilled family law attorneys can help you with every aspect of the divorce process, including dividing your assets, figuring out child custody, and even preparing your prenuptial agreement if you decide it’s time to tie the knot again.