Don’t Get Scammed After Your Divorce! (Part 2)

close up of a keyboard with five of the letters replaced to spell the word 'fraud'
Online dating sites are used by scammers and con artists looking for people to exploit.


In the last segment we addressed the first three things you should watch out for when pursuing online dating relationships after divorce. These include the other person revealing little to nothing about themselves, tragedies only you can rescue them from, and requests to cash checks or money orders on their behalf. Scary, right? Absolutely! But don’t freak out just yet. There’s more …


4. Too Good To Be True:

If something seems just too good to be true, that’s because it usually is. If you’ve found someone whose picture looks like an 18-year-old swimsuit model who claims to have a six figure salary, and shares just about every single one of your interests and hobbies (including loving all of your favorite songs and books), watch out!


Chances are…..they aren’t being honest with you about something. And while they might not be asking for money right now, you should still be very cautious and listen to your gut.


5. Safety In Numbers:

If you and your internet relationship partner have decided to move to the next stage of the relationship and actually meet one another face to face, the location you choose is critical. Insist on a place that’s very public, and likely to have many other people about. Never agree to be picked up in their car, or to meet them at an isolated address that’s unknown to you.


Anyone who insists on meeting somewhere that isn’t open to the public, and in view of other people, is no one you should be agreeing to meet! Also, ask a friend to be present at the restaurant or bar you will be meeting at, and to sit some distance away just to keep an eye on you and ensure that you arrive and leave safely.


6. Blackmail:

According to the FBI, another recent scam appearing on dating websites is a version of the “bait and switch”, where the victim is asked to move the conversation from the dating website where it began, to another social media site. Later they are sent a link to a website where all of the pictures they shared with their “internet dating partner”, (along with all of their personal information and the content of their intimate online dialogues) are posted for public viewing!


They are then told that for a fee the information can be taken down. However, there is no guarantee that this will be the outcome. In many cases, the requests for money have simply increased while the personal information stays up online.


If you’re looking for love online in the wake of your divorce, we suggest that you exercise extreme caution! Research any claims or requests that seem strange to you, and listen to your own internal alarm bells.  A little forethought and awareness now saves a mountain of heartbreak and financial tragedy later. If however, you believe that you’ve already been conned, contact the Michigan State Police to report it!


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