5 Reasons You Should Avoid Divorce Court And Settle Instead!

There are certainly a number of very valid reasons why a couple would end up in divorce court. In some cases, it’s pretty much unavoidable. But the truth of the matter is, if it’s possible for you two to find a way to settle out of court, then that’s what you should do. Why? Well, several reasons. Here are our top 5….

A black and white picture of a man wearing boxing gloves and throwing punches.
Divorce court can be much like a war zone, where couples fight it out and there’s a clear winner and loser. But settling can be a much more peaceful solution.

Money Talks:

Going to court costs money. Attorneys are expensive. Court costs add up quickly, like expert witness fees for example. And then there’s the fact that court tends to happen during business hours. When you should be at work. So you’re going to have to take time off every time you need to appear in divorce court. All in all, it’s expensive. So if you can avoid it, you should. Which means you may need to choose to settle out of court.

Winner, Loser:

When you come to a settlement agreement, it tends to be more of a “win some, lose some” situation. You have to compromise. You may not get everything you want, but you have some say in how it all comes out. When you go to court, however, you have no say. The judge makes the final decision, and you have no choice but to go along with it. So if your spouse’s divorce attorney makes you look like a manipulative, abusive sack of crap? And the judge believes it? You’re done.

Dirty Laundry:

Settlements happen in attorney’s offices, where confidentiality reigns supreme, and no one can listen in on your discussions. Court hearings, on the other hand, happen in court, which is a very public place. Anything and everything said in that setting is open to scrutiny and debate by the public. So if you don’t want the dirty laundry from your marriage hung out for all to see, settle out of court.

False Allegations:

When a divorce gets contentious, there are often allegations made by one spouse against the other. Allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, and even sexual assault. People will stoop to unbelievable lows to get more money, or get better custody arrangements (which means more money). So if there’s any chance that your soon-to-be ex is vindictive or conniving, it would be best to keep this mess behind closed doors. Seriously.

Kid Issues:

Children always make divorce harder. And when the parents can barely stand each other and can’t be in the same room for more than 20 seconds before they’re exchanging verbal barbs, it only gets worse. The truth is that kids often suffer the most during a divorce. And the more combative the divorce, the harder it is on the kids. So keeping it out of divorce court and choosing to settle instead can help to keep the battle on a lower key. And thereby, make the process a little easier on the kids.

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