6 Tips For Getting Through a Messy Divorce Without Losing Your Mind (Pt 2)

Hi there, and welcome back. We’ve been discussing the importance of maintaining both your mental and physical health during the challenges of a divorce. As we mentioned in the previous article, divorces are hard, regardless of how well you and your spouse can work together during this time. And in most cases, couples who are parting ways don’t get along too well. So if you want to survive this process with your sanity and physical health intact, you’ll need to prioritize your whole wellbeing. So stick around – keep these tips in mind to help with that.

Woman sitting on a deck overlooking a lake, relaxing by doing yoga.

4.  Make sure you have support

Everyone needs help and support during hard times. However, what that support looks like for you will depend on how much you’re struggling with this process, and what your individual needs are at this time. For some, a good friend they can get together with to talk through their frustrations and unburden your mind is enough. For others who need more support than a single friend or family member can provide, they may need a network of people they can reach out to. And if the help of loved ones isn’t enough, or you’re having a particularly hard time, you may want to consider hiring a therapist. Seeing a professional to help you work through the complex emotions and extreme stress of a divorce can make a big difference if you’re having a really hard time.

5.  Keep your kids’ mental health in mind too

Children are affected by divorce in many ways, and most of them aren’t positive. So while it’s critical that you keep your own mental and physical health in mind during your divorce, it’s also very important that you prioritize your children’s wellbeing as well. Spend time with them to reinforce the fact that you love them. Discuss the changes in your family with their teachers, so any issues that come up at school (with either behavior or work performance), can be compassionately dealt with. And if your kids are really struggling, consider having them see a counselor or therapist to help them navigate this emotionally turbulent time.

6.  Invest in hobbies and interests

Hobbies and pastimes may not seem like an important part of your health, but they really do have an impact on you. In addition to the fact that many hobbies (like walking with friends, playing disc golf, or swimming) get you moving around which is good for your body, hobbies give you something positive to focus your attention on. Physical activity helps regulate sleep, which helps with mood regulation, so being active really does affect your mental health. But the simple fact that you make time to do things you enjoy every day will make a big difference on your psychological wellbeing during this stressful time. So be sure to prioritize a little time for fun and relaxation every day. Because even a little bit goes a long way towards helping keep you sane!

Make sure you have help from a really good divorce lawyer!

One of the best ways to reduce stress and not lose your mind during a divorce is to have a good divorce attorney on your team. Knowing that your divorce process is being handled by someone with experience, compassion, and a high level of skill can do a lot to reduce the tension and anxiety that plagues most divorces. Knowing that your attorney will keep you in the loop, include you in every single decision made from start to finish, and give you great advice, can make everything seem much less scary. So if you’re considering a divorce in mid-Michigan, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our family law attorneys are standing by to answer your questions, and help you with every aspect of your divorce.