Christmas: It’s a Holly, Jolly… Time to File For Divorce?

A close up of a Christmas tree, covered with lights and decorated with sparkly decorations.
Christmas is supposed to be about peace and love and goodwill towards men. But for many Michigan families, it’s about ending a marriage.

For many Michigan families, Christmas time means putting up the tree, watching beloved Christmas movies, and giving gifts to all your loved ones. And for many families, those things are simply part of the holiday magic. But not every family gets their fair share of magic Christmas sparkle, it seems. While the general idea is that the holidays are supposed to provide a welcome break from routine, (as lovely as that would be!) research suggests it probably isn’t an accurate reflection of the facts.

The holidays can be a very stressful time for families…

Christmas, as it turns out, has an unwelcome side effect that many people don’t realize. Specifically, it seems to usher in a season of increased divorce. In fact, the first few months of the new year seem to bring about a much higher number of divorces. So what exactly is it about the holiday season that instigates the failure of marriages, or is it really the fault of the holly-jolly season?

It probably isn’t just because of Christmas…

The reality is that most marriages, when they fall apart, do so for more than one reason. Most happily married couples here in Michigan don’t throw in the towel the moment they don’t get what they want for Christmas. An unmet expectation might well be the last straw in a failing relationship, but it usually isn’t the first and only reason someone files for divorce. So if your beloved decides to call it quits next month, chances are it’s because of more than just the gift you gave them that they didn’t like!

Problems pile up on top of each other over time…

Many couples view the holidays as a time to have fun and “get away from it all.” Unfortunately, this can delude people into thinking that they can “step back from their problems” for a while and when they get back to real life, everything will be better. (The old “ignore it and it’ll go away on it’s own” theory.) This, however, is almost never true. If your marriage is hanging by a thread, or your spouse is abusive or controlling, it’s going to take an awful lot more than a trip to Disney to fix your troubles!

The new year doesn’t always bring new beginnings…

You’ve probably made a few new year’s resolutions in your life (and maybe you’ve even stuck to a few along the way, who knows?) But the truth is that new year’s day is just another day, and the only thing that marks it as different from yesterday is the number on the calendar. People tend to face the holidays with rising expectations, despite what disappointments they might have had in years past. They get excited about the opportunity for a new beginning, or a new start in life. But saving an unhappy marriage requires A LOT of work, not just a heartfelt resolution or two.

If you’re considering ending your marriage…

So the truth is, right now in mid-Michigan, there are several people who are probably already considering divorce, and who will likely come to that conclusion soon after the new year. If you happen to be one of them, and you’re not sure where to go from here, or what comes next, call us today at 866 766 5245. The experienced family law attorneys at the Kronzek Firm have been helping Michigan couples navigate their divorces for decades. We can help you too.