Digital Divorce – Avoid These Mistakes At All Costs!

Some people with smart phones make not-so-smart choices!


There are all sorts of inadvisable activities that people engage in during divorces. Things that could seriously compromise your chances of getting the settlement you want, or the custody agreement that works best for you. But while the list of divorce no-nos is pretty substantial, we want to touch on just a handful of critical ones – the digital faux pas that you should avoid at all costs!


Digital Breadcrumbs…

Every text, every email, every instant message, every tweet. Every form of electronic information exchange – they all leave a trail that can be followed. And if you are trash talking your soon-to-be-ex, trying to engineer a situation that will make them look bad, or having an affair, then you need to keep your mouth shut. Digitally, that is. Don’t think for a minute that your spouse’s attorneys can’t subpoena your phone records. So be sure to leave no breadcrumbs.


Eye Spy…

If you are certain that your spouse is  having an affair, or conducting some other nefarious business that will influence the pending divorce, then you should make an effort to find out about it. But don’t break the law! Don’t make the foolish mistake of trying to find out info by doing things that will jeopardize your own chances. Like installing spyware on their computer (illegal) or accessing their private accounts without a court order (also illegal), or trying to hack their facebook account (makes you look jealous and unstable. Oh, and it’s also against the law.)


Social Mediaholic…

Facebook is a great place to chit-chat with friends, keep up with distant family members, and watch pointless videos about cats. But keep it clean. Don’t trash talk your spouse. Don’t post pictures of yourself drinking at parties with friends. Don’t flirt publicly with other people. Don’t say anything about your divorce at all. Just don’t do it. Anything you post, whether it’s comments, status updates, and even pictures, can be used in divorce court. So be vigilant, and consider all of your social media interactions carefully. As Attorney Brandy Thompson says, “A simple rule to follow is: if you don’t want the judge to see it – don’t text it, post it, or tweet it! No exceptions.”


Historic Failures…

There is a really good chance that your internet browser history is going to come up in court. Yes, we’re serious. So you need to be very careful about where you’re going online, and what kind of sites you’re visiting. Internet porn, online dating sites and even online shopping web pages can look really bad when presented to the judge by your spouse’s attorney. After all, few judges are going to give primary custody to someone who appears to have dubious morals, is already looking for their next relationship before this one is officially over, and can’t make sound financial decisions.


So wherever you go, know that you aren’t alone. And if that sounds creepy? Good. It should. Divorces can be highly contentious these days, and some people will use anything to get a leg up in the proceedings, even if it means having to rifle through their spouse’s personal life to achieve it. So be careful, and make sure that you discuss your situation with your divorce attorney before making any major decisions. Seriously. Once the digital cat is out of the cyber bag, so to speak, there’s no putting it back.