Divorce Coaching: What Is It, And Is It For You?

A divorce coach can help you work through a lot of the issues raised by a divorce.


Most people these days have heard of life coaching, which deals with unlocking personal potential. Another common one is career coaching, which focuses on finding the ideal new career for someone looking for a change in the workplace. Though there’s a much more recent addition to the coaching options available nowadays. Curious? It’s divorce coaching. Do you know what that is? Don’t worry, we’ll break it down so you can decide if it’s for you.


What it is:


Initially, Divorce Coaching was part of the Collaborative Law process, but has lately gained traction in more standardized divorces, and is becoming more widely recognized.


A divorce coach would help you in a number of areas, which include, but are not limited to:


  • Finding an attorney
  • Working through your feelings
  • Providing advice about communication, parenting issues, and coping methods
  • Setting goals for the future
  • Providing a safe and non-judgmental space in which to vent your frustrations
  • Discuss options
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Help manage paperwork


What it’s not:


Divorce Coaching is not like Football Coaching, in that your divorce coach really wants you to get divorced and is screaming at you from the sidelines to hurry up and sign the papers already.


It’s also not like therapy or counseling, which can be somewhat clinical in nature and is performed from the standpoint that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. In divorce coaching, there is no diagnosis, no attempt to ascertain what problems exist, and no searching through your past to determine what the root causes of failure may have been.


Finally, it’s not a substitute for your attorney. A divorce coach cannot give you legal advice, or answer any questions that pertain to the law. They cannot file legal documents on your attorney’s behalf, or make suggestions as to legal options you may have available in your unique situation.


What you can get out of it:


One very important benefit of a divorce coach is that they cost considerably less than your attorney. So while they can’t replace your attorney when it comes to things that are specifically legal in nature, they’re a wonderful source of information when you need advice on any other aspect of your divorce.


A divorce coach will help you set goals and create a game plan for your divorce. This is very helpful to have, but often very hard to do on your own during this difficult time. They assist you in staying focused and proactive, and achieving the best possible outcome for your individual situation.


And finally, they’re a great source of information. Divorce coaches can provide suggested reference materials that focus on all manner of subjects, from working with a budget to overcoming challenges in emotional growth. The internet can be overwhelming when you need help, so someone who can cut through all the crap and make suggestions that pertain to your circumstances, can make all of the difference.


How we can help:


At The Kronzek Firm, our highly skilled family law attorneys have decades of experience with Michigan divorces. We know the courts, the system and the process like the backs of our hands. We also take a very team-oriented and client-centered approach to the way we handle cases. So if you are considering divorce and aren’t sure where to start, start here. Call us at 517 866 1000 today. We’re here to help you.