Divorce Isn’t Easy! A Few Tips on Reducing Stress During During The Process 2

Divorce is stressful! Take care of yourself.


In the previous article we talked about the three main items that people often neglect during stressful divorces – exercise, diet, and sleep. However, while these are some of the most important items to pay attention to when discussing how to cope with a stressful divorce, they aren’t the only ones.


In addition to things like maintaining a good diet and getting enough sleep, it’s important to have a few effective relaxation techniques in your arsenal as well. And finally, because we all have have bad habits and weaknesses that we tend to fall back on during stressful times, a few pointers about what to avoid. So we’ve created a simple list to help you stay on track towards a healthier you during and after divorce.  



  • Relaxation For Stress Reduction


Relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises are helpful when you are feeling overwhelmed. They induce a state of calm restfulness during times of high stress. Reducing your blood pressure and lowering your heart rate are important aspects of relaxation. But not everyone enjoys yoga or is able to meditate. So here is a list of other things you can do to relax when your stress levels are soaring.


  • Have a professional massage
  • Use a heat wrap on tired muscles
  • Sign up for an evening yoga class or a morning Tai chi class
  • Soak in the tub with Epsom salts or relaxing essential oils
  • Take a walk outside with a friend, or go alone if you need the silence
  • Listen to music you enjoy
  • Relax with a good book and a hot drink

  • Things To Avoid When Stressed


There are certain things that people often gravitate to in times of hardship and crisis that may seem like they help, when in actual fact they make it worse. Here is a short list of things you should make an effort to avoid during your divorce, no matter how tempting they may seem in the moment. Trust us, you’ll be grateful later.



No matter how bad your divorce gets, no matter how angry or frustrated or hurt you are by the process, allowing stress to get the better of you won’t help. Being sick, exhausted, and worn out isn’t going to make things any easier. Sometimes the only thing you can do in a difficult period of life is take care of yourself properly. That way, when this stage has ended, it is a healthier and happier you that moves forward to face the future.


On a final note, we would like to point out that having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney that you can put your trust into, will also help with the stress level through your divorce. Brandy Thompson, one of our most experienced family law attorneys here at the Kronzek Firm says, “When I first meet with clients in high stress divorce situations, they often have high levels of anxiety, fear, and anger. Once I’ve explained the process in detail and let them know that we can get through this difficult time, the stress seems to subside.”


So if the prospect of your divorce is causing you stress, come in and talk to one of our highly skilled and experienced divorce attorneys. We can’t ensure that you’re eating your vegetables, exercising regularly and not drinking too many beers, but we can help with your divorce. And that alone, will take a great deal of strain off your mind.