Why You’re Doomed to Fail if You Marry Your Affair Partner! (Pt 2)

Affairs may be exciting, but they almost never survive once you try to make them permanent…


It’s a rather depressing title, isn’t it? After all, you’re probably reading this because you’re considering marrying your affair partner, and reading that your marriage is probably going to tank isn’t what you wanted to hear. But unfortunately, statistics are what they are, and the numbers say that people who marry their affair partners usually don’t end up happily married.


There are so many good reasons for why it’s a bad idea…


As we covered in the previous article, the first two reasons why this is usually the case is that you’d be marrying a cheater, and you’d have to live out daily life with that person, which is never as exciting as the affair itself. However, those aren’t the only reasons why this train is destined to crash and burn. There are actually a load of other good reasons for why it’s a bad idea. Let’s look at the next few…


  1. You’re going to lose a whole lot of friends along the way!


Cheating on your spouse isn’t going to make you popular if the word gets out. And if you jump from one person’s bed into the next, hitching your wagon to your affair partner’s right after getting divorced, it’ll be viewed as rubbing it in your ex’s face. And people don’t tend to look kindly on that. Which means you can expect to lose a whole bunch of friends, and the respect of all kinds of people along the way.


Don’t think you care about what others think? Think again. If there are places you love to go, or things you love to do, then you can expect to give that up, or to have those encounters be really uncomfortable. Suddenly all your favorite cafes and restaurants are places where you’re likely to run into someone who’ll look at you like you’re something revolting they found on their shoe. Your Saturday cycling group. Your Tuesday evening racquetball buddies. People at work. It’s going to get stressful and uncomfortable, and like it or not, that’s going to have an impact on your new relationship.


  1. You may end up with someone you don’t really like!


It’s a no-brainer – you’re obviously attracted to your affair partner (or they wouldn’t be your affair partner) but do you enjoy their company? Do you two have really good conversations (that don’t center around how your current spouse doesn’t meet your needs!) Do they make you laugh? Are they fun to be with? Can you share your troubles with them? Can you talk to them about problems you’re facing in daily life, and know that they’ll listen to you?


Meeting someone for an exciting roll in the hay isn’t the same as having a real relationship. So before you decide to tie the knot with someone (especially your affair partner) ask yourself this: Do you really, honestly LIKE them? Without the sexual aspect of the relationship, would you want to be friends with them if you’d met under different circumstances? Would you introduce them to your mom? If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, then you probably already know this is destined for the pits.


Getting divorced is a stressful process


Join us next time for the wrap up on this subject. Until then, remember – if you choose to go ahead and pull the trigger on marrying your affair partner, we recommend that you get a prenuptial agreement. Just in case this doesn’t end up being everything you hoped it would be.  So whether you are preparing to end a marriage, or embarking on a plan to say “I do” with the person of your dreams, give us a call at 866 766 5245. Our skilled family law attorneys have decades of experience helping people all over mid-Michigan. We can help you too.