What Should You Do With Your Engagement Ring After The Divorce? (Pt. 2)

If you still love your ring, then don’t feel that you have to get rid of it.


Welcome back. Thanks for joining us for this discussion about engagement rings, and what you could do with yours after divorce. This can be a bit of an uncomfortable subject for some people, but engagement rings mean different things to different people, and what you choose to do with yours after your marriage has ended is entirely up to you. Moving on, let’s look at our last two options.


Save it for your daughter or granddaughter.

If your ring is particularly beautiful or unique, or you just happen to be a sentimental person, you can save your ring for one of your children or grandchildren. It could be given to a daughter as a special gift on her birthday, or even given to your son when he plans to propose. (Some might feel that proposing with a ring left over from a marriage that ended in divorce is bad luck. That’s up to you!)


If you love the idea of giving the ring to one of your children, but know that they don’t care for the style, don’t hesitate to have it melted down and used to create something new and unique to give them. Jewellers can do wonders with a little liquid gold and a beautiful diamond. Or simply save the stone and have it placed in an entirely new setting, as a ring or even a pendant, that you can give to a child or grandchild when they are the right age.


For rings with more than one stone, you may consider having multiple smaller pendants made to give as gifts on a special day. Some rings feature a central stone ringed with other, smaller stones, or several small stones set in a row. If you like the idea, you could have a set of pendants or rings made with the stones for yourself and your daughters, granddaughters, or even nieces. It’s up to you. But just because the marriage has ended, doesn’t mean the ring should stop giving joy to those you love.


Keep it for yourself.

We left this till last, but in truth it tends to be the option that many people choose for themselves – to keep their engagement ring after the divorce. If you don’t need the money, and you happen to love the ring, then this is always a viable option.


So what that the marriage has ended? Your wedding day was most likely a happy day that you remember with great fondness. And why shouldn’t you? Most brides look back on their wedding day as being a magical moment in their lives when they felt beautiful, and all of life’s possibilities lay at their feet. There is nothing wrong with remembering the good times, even if they didn’t last for your entire lifetime.


So if you still love your engagement ring, and the sparkle still makes you think of happy times, then there’s nothing wrong with keeping it. Besides, the upside of keeping your ring is that all of those other options are still available to you down the road if you change your mind. You can still decided to give it your daughter some day, or melt it down into a beautiful pendant for your granddaughter’s 21st. You can change your mind in 20 years and sell it if you want to. So do what feels right for you. After all, it is still your ring.


Deciding what to do with your sentimental items after a divorce can be very hard. Ultimately, the choice lies with you, but if we can offer one piece of advice, it would be this – don’t make any That aside, if you or a loved one need help with your divorce, or any other aspect of family law, like child custody or paternity, please call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. We have spent decades helping the people of Michigan pursue better futures for themselves and their families. We can help you too.