Getting Divorced During Quarantine: Can I Move Out During The Lockdown?

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A man carrying a large pile of boxes, with a pile of boxes in the background. A person preparing to move out.

If you are one of the many people who have decided to end their marriage during this unprecedented time, then you already know how much more challenging it is to get just about anything done. The simple act of grocery shopping is vastly more complicated than before. So as you can imagine, choosing to move out of your home because of divorce during the government-ordered shutdown is infinitely harder now than it was before we were all quarantined in our homes. So what are your options? Can you leave and move out? Or are you stuck with the spouse you’re trying to get away from until we’ve flattened the Covid19 curve?

Can I move out? Are moving services considered essential?

Per Governor Whitmer’s stay home order, all non-essential services are closed until further notice. But you’ll be glad to know that moving into a new home may still be considered essential, (especially if your safety and/or sanity depends on not living with your spouse right now!) We know that several property management companies in the Lansing area are still processing rental applications during this time, and have put safer protocols in place for allowing people to view houses for rent while they look for somewhere new to live

MFor those who want to move out, know that you have options.

For many people, moving isn’t optional as they have a lease that’s expiring, or they’ve sold their home and have to be out by a certain date. As such, companies like U-Haul are open right now to rent moving trucks from (they have new strict policies in place regarding sanitizing equipment between users and contactless pickups), and moving services are still operational throughout the state, although we recommend you call ahead and find out the details of each company’s policies during the quarantine. 

Take extra precautions whenever possible to protect yours and other’s health!

If you are able to delay moving until the quarantine is over, many experts would recommend that you do. The more people and environments you come into contact with, the greater your risks are for exposure to Covid19. Moving exposes you to a whole host of new people, both during the moving process and in the new neighborhood. So if you or your children are in a high-risk group (like those with pre-existing conditions, or those who are immuno-compromised) you’re advised to delay a move until you can do it with less risk to yourself and others.

Getting divorced is hard, and during this unprecedented time, it will be harder.

Like getting groceries, seeing friends, and moving to a new home, just about anything you endeavor to do right now will come with extra challenges. But hard doesn’t mean impossible. If you’re ready to end your marriage, or just have questions about the process and what you can expect, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our skilled and experienced family law attorneys are standing by to answer your questions and help you with every aspect of your divorce. We know it’s a challenging time right now, but we’re here to help and we;ll do everything we can to streamline the process for you.