How to Protect Yourself Online Before a Divorce (Pt 1)

There is a LOT you have to think about when you get divorced. A lot of paperwork, and meetings with lawyers, and paperwork, and figuring out child custody and support issues, and paperwork. Oh, and did we mention all the paperwork? Seriously, there’s a lot to do. BUt because we live in a very tech-enabled era, where practically everyone has an online presence of some kind, there is something else you have to consider before a divorce as well: protecting yourself online!

Not sure what we mean? Don’t worry, a lot of people don’t realize the important of this step in the divorce prep process. And many people don’t even realize what it really means – because it means a lot of things in today’s world. Protecting yourself online before a divorce is actually the umbrella title for a lot of things you need to take care of before untying that marital knot and moving on. Let’s take a look…

Your browser history:

If you’re considering a divorce, or shopping for divorce attorneys because you’ve already decided it’s time, then you probably want to be the one to break the news to your spouse. After all, uncomfortable as that may be, it would be way better than them finding out because you bookmarked a divorce attorney’s site without thinking about it!

So make sure, if you’re doing any searching on any of your devices, that you clear the browser history when you’re done. And don’t forget that this applies to your phone as well. It may be private for your use only, but you have no idea if your spouse has a habit of checking up on your online searches when you’re not looking! (Which just happens to be a bit creepy, don’t you think?!)

Syncing your devices:

Be very careful when choosing to sync your devices. Especially if your devices are all compatible (all Apple, or all Android, for example), which makes transitioning between devices very easy. But it also means that if you contact a lawyer, or visit an online support forum for divorce, that same info will be available on ALL of your other devices as well.

So whatever devices you have – home computer, lap top, tablet, phone, etc… be sure you pay attention to the digital trail you’re leaving if your devices are synced up. It would be awful if your spouse found out about your plans before you were ready to share, simply because you overlooked the fact that your phone “talks” to your computer about your activity.

Be smart when you plan for a divorce!

There’s a reason people say “work smart, not hard.” The smarter your approach is to a project, the less work you end up having to do in the end, and preparing for a divorce means a lot of work. So if you want to take the smart approach to your divorce, call our skilled and experienced family lawyers at 866 766 5245 today. We’re available 24/7 to work smarter on your behalf.