Why January is One of The Busiest Divorce Months!

Baby, it’s cold outside. But then again… it’s cold in here too since the passion has faded.


December may be all about gifts and Santa and goodwill towards men, but January is about New Year’s Resolutions and Fresh Starts. Which is why so many people in unhappy marriages tend to file for divorce in January! But is it just the desire to start the new year off with change, or is there more to the picture?


Children play a big role in January divorces!


Parents know that the Holidays are supposed to be magical for their children. And nothing kills the magic faster than telling your kids their family is breaking up over the Christmas holidays. So unhappily married couples with kids (especially little kids) tend to postpone telling their children about the pending split until after the holidays are over. This way their kids get one last Christmas to enjoy the magic of the season before things get real!


The “one last shot” theory is also a factor!


Another reason people tend to postpone divorce until after Christmas is because they hoping a little of the Christmas spirit will rub off on their marriage. In other words, they’re hoping spending a magical Christmas together with their not-really-beloved-anymore will save their relationship. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. If your marriage has already reached the point where you’re unhappy enough to be considering divorce, chances are some eggnog and a few presents isn’t going to save it!


Sometimes the reason is money!


Christmas doesn’t come cheap these days! Like it or not, we live in a highly commercialized society, and many people “go for broke” when it comes to buying Christmas presents, especially for their kids! The result, of course, is that during December they’re already stretching the budget beyond its normal limits. So they simply can’t afford to take on the additional financial burden until January, at the very earliest! (For some people, they need several months to recover, and so they don’t file until February or even March! (Some even use their tax refunds to finance their divorces!)


Are you considering divorce this month?


January is almost over, but if you and your spouse have reached the end of the road, and you’ve been giving some serious thought to a fresh new start in 2018, our skilled family law attorneys can help. Divorce can be a stressful and emotionally painful time. So don’t go through it alone. Let our talented team of attorneys be your voice through this process. Call 866 766 5245 to discuss your situation with an experienced divorce lawyer, and have all your questions answered. We’re always here to help.