Ladies: Who NOT To Date After Divorce (Part One)

Couple arguing
There are some people you should avoid when starting to date again after divorce…


Sometimes the freedom you feel after a divorce is over, especially if it was a bad one, can be intoxicating. There are so many fish in the sea, and there’s no one to tell you ‘no.’ But intoxication, exciting as it may seem in the moment, can lead to some pretty disastrous decisions. So before you let all that freedom get to your head, here is a list of guys you SHOULDN’T date after your divorce!


Mr. Let-Me-Analyse-You

You know the type. You probably have a friend just like him (and she drives you nuts sometimes!) After all, it’s tempting to talk out all of your emotions after the divorce, and counselling is costly so why not get some for free? But really, ask yourself if this is a healthy relationship?


Not only is therapy not romantic, but this type of person is happiest when you have issues and problems. Think about that for a moment. Do you really want to be in a relationship with someone who is in their element when you are miserable? We didn’t think so. Moving on….


Mr. Playin’-The-Game

The smooth talker. The charmer. Mr. Slick. We get it. He’s sexy, confident, witty, makes you feel like a million bucks. What could possibly be wrong with dating Lothario, you may wonder? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for a fling, Don Juan here is probably your man. But if you are looking for a relationship, then we would advise you to steer clear. After all, this is a man who loves to date, loves women, loves a good time, but doesn’t love commitment. You do the math.


Mr. Also-Recently-Divorced

He gets you. He understands you anger and your pain and your vulnerability. He’s willing to listen to you expound on how your ex is an evil, heartless maniac. Because his ex is exactly the same, and he’s still processing all the damage she did to his heart before she took off with her new lover and left him holding the bag. Sound familiar?


It can be so tempting to spend time with someone who can truly sympathize with your plight. But remember, the reason you are dating is because you’re trying to move on in life. Someone who is still caught up in the emotional turbulence of their own divorce can’t support your healing process. After all, they’ve only just begun their own healing journey. So agree to be friends, and keep looking.


Join us next time as we wrap up this two part list on who not to date after your divorce. Trust us, it’ll be worth it!