Meeting your divorce lawyer for the first time? Here’s what you need to know. (Pt 1)

First time meeting your new legal team? Here’s what you need to know!


If you’ve made the decision to end your marriage, and you’ve already hunted around to find a reputable divorce attorney you want to represent you during the process, then you’re ready to take that first step towards your new life, ie: meeting that divorce attorney for the first time.


However, we don’t have to tell you that lawyers are not cheap. So if you’re scheduled to go in and meet the attorney you’re considering hiring, then you already know you should make the most of your time so you can save some bucks in the long run. And how does one do that? By being prepared!


Things to be aware of before meeting your lawyer:


With the exception of the free consultation you get right at the very beginning (assuming the lawyer you chose offers one!), you will be paying for each and every minute that attorney spends working on your case. So it makes sense to help them spend less time doing unnecessary work that you will have to pay for later on. And how to you cut back on your lawyer’s work load (and resulting bill)? It’s easy, just follow these simple suggestions:



  • Be completely upfront with your attorney



It’s important that you be entirely honest with your attorney. No matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable some subjects may be, chances are, your attorney has already heard them and won’t be shocked. Remember, your communications with your attorney are privileged, which means that they are protected by the attorney/client relationship and are entirely confidential.



  • Don’t waste time – yours or your attorneys



Appointments with your attorney are not the time for personal chats, “get to know you question-and-answer” sessions, or story telling. Give your attorney as much information as you can, answer their questions, tell them information that’s relevant to your divorce, but stick to the facts. No long rambling stories, no banter, and no meaningless chit chat. Unless you like to pay for wasted time.



  • Don’t expect your attorney to play ‘therapist’



Your attorney is you legal representative during your divorce, not your therapist. Their job is to protect your rights, make sure you get a fair cut of what’s yours, and keep you from getting railroaded when it comes to things like alimony and child custody. It’s NOT their job to make you feel better about yourself, listen to you cry and share your feelings, or help you develop coping skills for life after divorce. If you need help working through your feelings, then get a counselor or a therapist – they’ll do a better job than your attorney (who isn’t trained for that role), and probably cost a lot less!


The more prepared you are, the more money you’ll save!


The less time your attorney has to spent hunting for details, calling you to confirm info, or trying to figure what’s what, the more moolah you’ll save, So do yourself a favor and buckle down when it comes to your lawyer’s appointments. Bring what needs to be brought, share what needs to be shared, and don’t mess around. When it comes time to pay the bills, you’ll be really grateful!

Join us next time for a look at the list of things you should bring with you to your first appointment. Until then, if you are considering divorce but haven’t found a skilled and experienced family law attorney to help you with the process, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. We’ve been doing this for decades and we’re very, very good at it. Also, we offer free initial consultations.