Modern Technology Provides Tools For Spousal Abuse (Part 1)

“old school” devices may have been less “convenient” but they couldn’t be used to harass someone!

Modern technology had provided us with countless great benefits that make almost every aspect of life easier. From GPS, smart phones and robotic surgery, to space travel, instant messaging and online marketing, every part of life today is facilitated in some capacity by modern technology. However one aspect of that development – smart home devices – have become a tool for modern-day spousal abuse.

How can a smart fridge be used to abuse someone?

It sounds strange. But when you stop and think about, it actually makes sense. Devices that can be remotely controlled, and used to observe, listen, and even harass someone living in a home, can all become tools that domestic abusers can use to make someone else’s life miserable. And it’s happening all over the country, including here in Michigan.

People calling the domestic abuse hotlines say they’re going crazy!

The people who answer the phones at domestic abuse hotlines all over the country say they’re noticing a trend. People are calling in with stories about losing control over their homes and in-home appliances. In a story in the New York Times, one woman is recounted as having claimed that her air conditioning turns itself off after she’s turned it on. Another person says their front door lock code changed every day and they couldn’t figure out why.

For many people, smart technology has made life more complicated.

Imagine your fridge heats up during the day while you’re at work. You come home to find the milk spoiled and the juice warm. You toss the bad food, reset the fridge, and assume it was a fluke. But it happens again the next day, and again the next day, and on and on… You think you’re losing your mind. You question whether or not you really reset the fridge temperature, or just imagined it.

And provided their abusers with new tools…

And then you discover it was you ex, messing with your head in an effort to upset you. Smart tech is supposed to be smart, not scary. And yet a growing number of people, primarily women, say that smart devices are giving their abusers a unique way to harass them, monitor them, and frighten them. The question now, is what can be done about it?

Don’t let an abusive ex take advantage of you!

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