Not Everyone Is Going To Like You After Your Divorce! (Part 1)

a man walking angrily away from a woman
After your divorce you should expect to have a few extra people upset at you!


Sometimes, when you share news about your decision to finally end your marriage, the news is actually well received! Friends and family who’ve watched you struggle for years, or who’ve seen your continued unhappiness, will be glad to see you ready to move on. But not everyone shares that desire for a fresh start. And when you consider that they’re getting the “story” of the marital demise from your ex, it is not likely to paint a pretty picture of you! Which means some people are going to be downright unpleasant about it! So with that in mind, here’s a list of 12 people who might not approve of your divorce!


Your Soon-to-be-Ex:

Unless your divorce is an amicable one, where everyone agrees that ending it is for the best, your ex isn’t going to be one of your biggest fans moving forward. And even if the divorce is entirely a friendly affair, there’ll still be hurt feelings. Sadness. Feelings of loss, and maybe regret. So regardless of how you part ways, don’t expect your ex to be your best friend when you’re fresh out of divorce court.


Your Mother-in-Law:

Some mothers-in-law are fabulous people. They value you as an addition to the family, and appreciate what you do for their child (your spouse). When that relationship comes to an end, they’ll be sad to see you go, and may even want to continue the friendship. But some mothers-in-law are not okay with the idea of divorce. They disapprove of the very idea, and are very upset to see the pain and sadness their adult child is experiencing. (They may even assume that it’s your fault that the marriage is ending!)


Your Ex’s friends:

Your friends are probably going to support your decision. And friends that you and your ex shared during your marriage, are likely to take sides. But friends that were ‘on your ex’s team’ right from the start are most likely going to end up staying right where they started – on your ex’s team. Which means that they’re also going to take your ex’s side in arguments, and assume the worst about you. This will also include the wives of your ex’s friends!


Anyone Who Ever Had a Crush on Your Ex:

If there’s anyone out there who’s harbored a secret (or not so secret) crush on your spouse since before you two tied the knot, they’ll probably pop back into the picture when your divorce announcement goes public. And not only will they reinsert themselves into your ex’s life, but they’ll vilify you in the proces. After all, your ex was the most wonderful person they ever knew. Which means you must be an absolute devil for hurting their feelings and abandoning them.


Any business That Your Ex is Loyal To:

This doesn’t really apply to large corporations or institutions where professional courtesy is a must (like the bank). But that little coffee place you two used to walk to on Sunday mornings? If your ex was a loyal patron before you came into the picture, and they’re outspoken about the divorce, then you better believe those baristas think you’re a terrible person. Secretly, of course. And that little sandwich shop down the road from your ex’s work? They probably think you’re a terrible person too!


Join us next time to look at the rest of the list of people who might not like you in the wake of your divorce. Until then, if you or a loved one have decided to end your marriage (in the face of the social fallout) come and talk to us. Our highly skilled and compassionate family law attorneys can help you work out all of the details for your future, from divorce settlements and custody agreements, to spousal support and parenting time. Call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 at any time of day or night. We are here for you.