Tech Tips to Remember When You Get Divorced in Michigan! (Pt. 2)

In our lives today, everything is affected by technology, including divorce! So be prepared!


In the wake of divorce talks with your spouse, there are a million things to think about. However, one of the increasingly important ones is addressing the tech issues in your life. From separating your e-mail accounts to downloading copies of all of your family pictures from joint cloud accounts, there are a lot of things to deal with.


Which is why we made you this list. If you’re just joining us now, we recommend you spend a minute getting caught up. Otherwise, here’s the next issue on the list. And remember – addressing each item on this list will help you to save important information, and avoid problems that could cost you later on!.


  1. Account Accountability


Most married couples have joint online accounts of one kind or another. And we’re not just talking about bank accounts. Think tech – your Apple account, your iTunes account, your Amazon Prime account, and even those online accounting services that let people track their finances and keep personal budgets up-to-date. Then there’s Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, and a host of phone apps that do everything from track your teen’s phone to organizing tasks.


Obviously, if the account is in your name, this presents less of a problem for you. You have only to change the password and all of the information inside is yours to access whenever and wherever you please. Beware though, of keeping information from your ex simply because you’re feeling vindictive or angry. It may seem like a little thing now, but it can add stress to the process and make future negotiations even harder.


However, if the account isn’t in your name, you need to get what information you can as soon as you can. Legally, obviously! You can’t know how soon your spouse will remember to change the password, denying you access. So wherever possible, access joint accounts and retrieve as much personal information as you can. Then, set up new, independent accounts and be sure to use well-thought out passwords that don’t pertain to any shared information, like children’s names or personal favorites.


  1. Make The Call


It’s very important that you separate your joint phone accounts as well. Family plans are great for saving money, but they also mean you and your spouse are indelibly tied together in almost all of your communications.


If the plan is in your name, this is obviously less of an issue. But if it’s in your spouse’s name, they have a lot of control. Think about it. An angry spouse can have your phone taken off the plan without notice, or make drastic changes to your data allowances, all because they don’t need your consent to change the plan.


There’s also the issue of phone content and history. Your phone contains your text history, your photos, your GPS and browser history – all things you may not want your spouse to have. So the sooner you set up an independent account and stop using a phone tied to your spouse’s plan, the better!


Do you need help from a skilled Michigan divorce attorney?


Join us again next time for the next installment in this series, where we’ll be discussing the issue of GPS, and social media. Until then, if you or a loved one are considering divorce and need help with any part of the process, we recommend you get help from an experienced divorce attorney. So call The Kronzek Firm today at 866 766 5245, and discuss your situation with a skilled family law attorney. We are here to help!