The Top Misconceptions People Have About Working With Divorce Lawyers (1)

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If you think hiring a lawyer is a mistake, think again! A good lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your divorce!

One of the things that constantly surprises us when we meet with new clients, or even discuss progress on cases with existing clients, is the feedback we get about their expectations. Many people have mistaken ideas about what it will be like to work with a divorce lawyer, or unfounded expectations about how their lawyer will treat them, and it never fails to surprise us. So we thought we’d take a moment to share some of those misconceptions with our readers, and set the record straight.

The main misconceptions people have about having a lawyer handle their divorce:

  • Lawyers don’t listen to you anyway, so why bother?

One of the things we’ve been told repeatedly by our clients is how surprised they were to be included in every aspect of the process. They fully expected us to swoop in and take over, making decisions about their future without consulting them, and leaving them “out in the cold” when it comes to providing options and explanations about the process.

That’s not how we work, and it isn’t how we believe any lawyer worth their salt should operate. We treat every client as if they’re a valuable member of the legal team – because they are. We include you in the decision-making process, make certain you understand every option available to you, and that all possible outcomes in your case are clearly explained. We want you to feel like your future is in your hands. Because it is. We’re just here to help and provide guidance.

  • Divorce is simple, why would anyone need a lawyer?

Have you ever watched those failed home repair videos on YouTube? Where the inexperienced but enthusiastic couple decides they’re going to save money by demolishing their kitchen on their own to save money, and in the end they spend twice as much because they have to hire a contractor to do the work and fix all the damage they did? Yup, divorce can be like that sometimes.

Certainly, some divorces are simple and straightforward, and some people can handle their own divorces without the help of an attorney. But more often than not there are complications along the way. Custody issues that need to be hashed out, or problems with asset division that can only be solved by someone with a sharp legal eye and a private investigator on hand. And you don’t usually realize your divorce is going to need those things until it’s too late. 

Our clients are our most valuable resource during a divorce case!

If you’re getting divorced, then you are the expert on your situation. You know yourself and your ex better than we do, and we defer to your knowledge. We know the law, but you know your spouse, and your marriage. Together, we make a formidable team that can work together to ensure your future, solve problems as they come up, and make informed choices to protect your family. 

If you’re ready to end your marriage, and you want help from a respected legal team who values you and everything you bring to the table, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. We’re here to help. And don’t forget to join us next time for a few more common misconceptions about working with a divorce lawyer in Michigan!