The Top Six Reasons You Should Settle And Avoid Divorce Court!

Divorce court might be the right place to settle some divorced, but not all? Is it the right place for you?


There are many good reasons to take your divorce to court, and many circumstances where it’s pretty much unavoidable. But if we’re going to be entirely honest with ourselves here, there are just as many situations where divorcing couples would be better off settling out of court. Gasp! Is that a lawyer suggesting you avoid divorce court altogether? Indeed it is. In certain situations. So let’s take a look at what they might be…


You Win Some, You Lose Some:

Many divorce cases that goes through court have a winner and a loser. Since you can’t guarantee the outcome ahead of time, you may want to think about what ‘losing’ means to you. If the risk is too big for your comfort, consider figuring out a settlement that works for both of you. At least that way you’re likely to get some of what you want. (As opposed to possibly getting nothing!)


Money, Money, Money:

You can’t deny it – divorce court is expensive. Between your accumulating attorney’s fees, court costs, potential expert witness fees, and the simple fact that you’re likely to lose income because you took time off work to attend court hearings… The truth is, it just may not be worth it in the end.


What About The Kids:

Divorce trials can be really destructive to relationships. Having your family’s dirty laundry hung out to dry for everyone to see adds a lot of stress and pain to the mix. However, while you may get hurt along the way, the real victims of these cases are almost always the children. Their parent’s battle it out in court, and usually remain bitter enemies after the trial is over. When you think about it, it never ends well for the kids.


Sex, Lies And Videotape:

Divorce trials often bring out the worst in people. Also, because they’re so emotional, they tend to happen when couples are least likely to reach a reasonable agreement between themselves. So keep in mind that your spouse may try to shame you to manipulate the outcome of the divorce. Something as simple as flirting with a co-worker will be brought up and made to look like infidelity. So watch your back. And your behavior.


Liar, Liar:

You think infidelity stories are bad? It gets worse! What about allegations of child abuse or domestic violence? Believe it or not, these aren’t uncommon in divorce trials. In order to skew a custody decision or asset division in their favor, people have been known to tell lies just to make their spouse look bad. Even if these don’t stick, or are proven to be untrue, the damage to your reputation can last a lifetime!


All The Evidence:

A judge is a human being, subject to opinions, faults and misunderstandings. When a judge makes a decision, they can only decide based on what’s presented to them. If they’re lied to, or given contradictory information, their ruling will likely reflect that. So if you don’t want an uninvolved person making decisions that’ll affect the rest of your life, then you shouldn’t ask a judge to choose for you!


Do you need help with your divorce in Michigan?

Lets face it, divorce is hard, and however you do it, you’re likely to meet obstacles along the way. So if we can give you one piece of advice it would be this – get a good attorney! Having a really good lawyer with loads of experience can make all the difference to your situation. ‘Court or settle’ is a choice you should make with the help of your attorney.

So if you or a loved one are thinking about getting a divorce, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our experienced divorce attorneys are available 24/7 to help you work through your divorce, whether it ends up in court or gets settled in an office. We’re here for you.