The Truth About Domestic Abuse And Divorce in Michigan. (Pt 2)

Getting out from under the control of an abusive spouse can make divorce even more challenging!

Thanks for joining us again. We know domestic abuse can be a hard subject to read about, although for people in abusive relationships who are looking to get out and cut ties, we’re hoping this article will help them to prepare for the risks ahead, and have a better idea of what they need to do. If you missed part one you can catch up here.

Getting out of an abusive marriage can be a frightening and in some cases, downright dangerous act. So you can’t approach this the same way as other people who aren’t at risk. Always keep your safety in mind, and make decisions based on what will keep you and your kids safest.

There are options for abused spouses who want ‘out’!

If you are trapped in an abusive relationship and you’re ready to get out, well done! You’ve taken the biggest step in deciding to remove yourself (and your children, if you have any) from a toxic and potentially deadly situation, which is huge. We understand that you’re terrified of what might happen next, and you have every right to be. But in order for this process to be as safe and successful as possible, you need to prioritize your steps.

First and foremost, if your life is in danger, you need to get to safety. Filing for divorce is an important part of the process, but it can happen after you’ve made sure that you and any children you have are safe first. So if there’s any chance your spouse will seriously harm or even kill you, do whatever you have to do in order to get away physically before you worry about getting away legally. Call the police, go to a shelter, seek help from a trusted friend or family member who can get you to a safe place before you take any other steps.

Once you’re out and safe, you can start the divorce process.

Once you and your kids are out of your abuser’s home, and are in a safe place (whether it’s with a trusted friend or a local shelter), you can find a skilled and compassionate divorce attorney to help you with your divorce. Make sure to pick an attorney who understands the unique challenges of your situation, and can advise you on the best and safest course of action for your divorce.

Be clear with your attorney right from the start that your spouse is violent and your safety is a priority. In order for your attorney to give you sound advice, they need to understand the facts. You may need to file a Personal Protective Order once you are out of the house. You may need to report certain crimes to the police, and you may end up having to interact with CPS. Your attorney can help you with every part of this process, if they know the full picture.

Getting the right help is critical right from the start!

Getting out of an abusive marriage requires a support system of knowledgeable people who understand the risks, the law, and your rights. That’s where we come in. We know what you’re up against because we’ve helped many people over the years to get out of toxic relationships. We know what you’re entitled to, and how difficult this is going to be, both emotionally and legally. So if you’re in an abusive marriage and you’re ready to pull the plug, call 866 766 5245 today and talk to our skilled and experienced family law attorneys. We’re standing by to help you.


I went through my child custody case with open eyes believing that the courts would see the truth, but I was wrong. As a college graduate and current masters student I thought I could handle this on my own. I tried everything I could, filed motions, co-parented, begged for explanations and I got nothing. I felt lost, stressed, helpless, alone and backed into a corner. So after a heartbreaking moment I finally decided to seek help and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I met Stephanie she changed everything for me. She helped me in ways I never thought was possible going above and beyond what I ever expected a lawyer to do in order help me feel safe. Although I'm still in the process of my case I can say with an open heart and clear mind that having her assistance has changed my life. She puts my daughter first and I will be forever grateful for that. For the first time since this whole court mess started I finally feel like I can breath again and it's amazing. I would highly suggest this brilliant woman to anyone. So if you're considering getting a lawyer, or considering this it. They will absolutely help you in any way they can. I know they did for me.

Malinda on Google, 2016

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