The Weirdest Reasons People Filed For Divorce! (Pt 2)

One of the weirdest reasons we found was the woman who left her husband because he cooked her amazing meals, which caused her to gain weight!

Welcome back! We’ve been talking about some of the less common reasons people end their marriages, and this list will likely leave you laughing out loud (or at least grinning to yourself.) After all, it’s not everyday that you hear about a woman who left her husband because he didn’t enjoy her favorite movie! Or the woman who decided her husband’s planned vote in the 2016 presidential election was awful enough to warrant ending their 22 year marriage. But there you have it. And just in case those weren’t enough, here are a few more…

It was a devil of a situation…

An Italian man filed for divorce because he claimed his wife was possessed by the devil. Interestingly, there were other witnesses to the event that finally drove him over the edge – you know, the one where she levitated and hung in the air for a few moments before crashing to the ground! Apparently the woman (who is a devout Catholic) was seen rising inexplicably by her sister, her husband, a priest, and a monk. The woman had apparently been displaying ‘weird’ behavior for years, but the levitation was the last straw for her husband.

Well, that marriage just ended up in the toilet!

A woman in India named Anita Narre was granted a divorce by the court who claimed she suffered a ‘tortuous’ situation at home. Why? Because her husband refused to install a toilet in their home, forcing her to relieve herself in nearby fields on a daily basis (or more specifically – on a nightly basis, since Indian culture forbids a sufficiently modest woman from going to the toilet in a field in broad daylight!). According to the woman, it wasn’t that he couldn’t afford a toilet, or that he wasn’t capable of doing the plumbing work required for the hook up. He simply didn’t want to. And so she simply couldn’t be bothered to stick around. So she didn’t.

No chance they’ll kiss and ‘make up’ after this!

One 34-year-old Algerian man filed for divorce from his then-28-year-old bride because he happened to catch a glimpse of her without her make-up on – and thought she was a burglar who broke into their house! Apparently the man felt he’d been deceived when he finally realized the burglar was just his wife without her concealer, false eyelashes, and lipstick. In the end, in addition to divorcing her, he also sued her for fraud, trauma and psychological suffering!

Too good to be true!

You may remember this one if you were ever a fan of Divorce Court, which aired for decades on TV as a popular reality show. One of the most memorable episodes centered on Rashida Lucas, who told the Judge she was leaving her husband because he cooked amazing three course meals for her every day (causing her to gain weight) and told her he loved her too often (at least twice a week.) We’re so sorry, Rashida! That must have been just… awful? (Not.)

These may be corny stories, but divorce is no joke!

You may have laughed, or marveled at how ridiculous some of these reasons for divorce are, in most cases there’s nothing funny about getting divorced. It’s difficult and stressful, and emotionally draining. So if you or a loved one have decided to call it quits, make sure you have the right help. Call 866 766 5245 today and discuss your situation with one of our skilled and experienced divorce attorneys. We can help you prepare for the future, ensure that your divorce is fair, and that your rights are not violated.