Everything You Need to Know to Throw Yourself an Epic Divorce Party!

Getting married warrants a party, why not a divorce as well? Major life milestones should be marked by some occasion!



It makes sense. You threw an epic party to celebrate your wedding. And now that your marriage is over, why wouldn’t you mark the occasion with a celebration as well? It’s trend that’s been catching on in recent years, and now there is no limit to what you can do (and people have done) to ritualize the end of one chapter in life and the start of another! Curious about what’s involved? Thinking of throwing yourself a little “I don’t” bash? Here are some tips to make it awesome!


“Be smart, be intelligent, and be informed.”

  • Tony Allasandra



Before you begin, you need to do some research. You need ideas, a source of inspiration. Sure, maybe pinterest can help with some of that, but you’ll probably need more than just pictures. So why not get your facts from the experts? Not sure where to go for good divorce party advice? Well, you could start with divorcepartyideas.com. Or if you prefer to do your research the old fashioned way, there’s always Christine Gallagher’s Divorce Party Handbook, which claims to help readers with “the planning and execution of an unforgettable Divorce Party!”


“You make a new life by making new choices.”

  • Sean Stephenson

Now that you’ve researched your options, you have a choice to make. What kind of divorce party are you going to throw? Is it going to be something small and meaningful to make this change? Some kind of ceremony to celebrate the new opportunities and fresh starts you’re destined for? Or were you looking for something fun and maybe a little snarky? The party you throw will depend on your budget, your personality, and your social circle.


“Life is short. Wear your party pants!”

  • Loretta LaRouche



As all good party planners will tell you, a great party needs gear! So once you’ve figured out the kind of party you’re going to have, you’ll be able to choose the right gear for your bash! For that sassy night of regret-it-in-the-morning fun (a-la bachelorette party), you might need some funny t-shirts, or perhaps hilarious buttons for all your wingmen. For those who prefer a more mellow approach, perhaps a festive banner declaring your new single status and a tasty cake with the ultimate “I do – I did – I don’t anymore” style topper. Whatever type of party you decide on, there’s some great party gear available!


“A party without cake is just a meeting.”

  • Julia Child



Another thing you’ve got to figure out is the menu. Is this a cake and champagne affair, will you be serving a selection of goodies for grazing guests, or are you serving a meal? Did you need to plan dinner for your guests, or can you whip together a delicious collection of appetizers and call it good? Again, the type of party you decide to throw will inspire your menu. Just keep your budget in mind while making these plans, and also your available time. Planning something that requires hours and hours to get the decorations up and the meal prepared might not be your best bet when you’re working full time and you have three little kids.


Change is inevitable, growth is optional

  • John C. Maxwell



Whatever your situation, and whatever your financial limitations, there are ways to throw yourself a fabulous party. Talk to your support network, whether it’s friends or family members, and ask for help with this event. Delegate responsibilities to loved one who can help you make this process a great celebration. And remember what the point is behind it all – you’re marking a major transition in life, and choosing to view your future in the best possible light. So focus on the positive. This party, and the new season in life it signifies, can be amazing!