Toxic Co-Parenting: How To Recognize A Toxic Ex (Part 2)

A toxic ex can be like a deadly poison, slowly destroying your chances of moving on.


Thanks for joining us again for this discussion. We know it’s a hard topic to talk about, but for divorced parents, it can be a very real possibility. So the more informed and aware you are, the better.


Few things are more heartbreaking to a parent that losing the love and respect of their children as a result of circumstances beyond their control. One of the hardest of these situations is toxic parenting – when your ex poisons your children against you. However, before you make accusations about your ex, you should be sure that they really are “toxic” and not just an emotionally healthy person who is hurt and angry because of the divorce.



They Blame You For Everything Wrong In Their Lives

Regardless of how little involvement you have in their daily life, whatever goes wrong – from a lost job to car troubles – will be blamed on you. By making it your fault, they are not required to shoulder the burden of responsibility for their own actions. You become a scapegoat for all of their woes in life.


They Use You As An Excuse To Make Poor Choices

Much like the decision to blame you for everything, they will use you as an excuse for any bad behaviors and selfish, or poorly planned, decisions. By claiming that you were the reason behind what happened, this will allow them feel that they aren’t required to be accountable for their actions.


They Abuse The Court System To Stay Engaged

There are those exes who just cannot find enough circumstances and situations in day-to-day life that allow them to maintain the contact they want with you. Try as they might, they are constantly coming up with reasons to engage you. This contact allows them to feel powerful and involved in your life. If they need it badly enough, they will violate court orders in order to force your hand – requiring that you take them back to court again which provides an opportunity to punish you and maintain the engagement with you.


We hope this list was helpful. However, we also understand how difficult this may be to read, especially for those of you who are living with this nightmare. If this sounds like your ex, then know that you are not alone, and you have options.


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