What a Great Divorce Lawyer Really Looks Like (Pt 1)

Obviously, there’s a huge difference between a “decent” divorce lawyer and a “good” divorce lawyer. “Decent” implies that they don’t suck. But that’s about as good as it gets. And as you can imagine, when it comes to your divorce, this isn’t what you want or need. Not if you’re hoping to be set up for success in the future. But for many people, they don’t realize there’s a difference between a good divorce lawyer, and a great divorce lawyer. It makes sense though.

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Think about it this way: a good hotel provides all the stuff you need – a comfy bed, a hot shower, a wake up call in the morning, and a toothbrush if you forgot yours. Good enough, right? You’re happy. But what about a great hotel? A hotel where you’re greeted by name like an old friend. A hotel where your favorite wine is waiting for you in your room when you arrive, and the turn down service includes high quality chocolates on your pillow. It makes a difference. And it’s exactly the same when it comes to divorce attorneys. A great attorney makes all the difference.

Signs of an excellent divorce lawyer:

Emotional Intelligence:

The ability to be self aware, manage relationships properly, and deal with people in the right way are skills that separate good attorneys from great attorneys. An exceptional lawyer knows how to talk to people with class, and how to manage themselves, both in the courtroom and out of it. One of the ways to know if you’ve got a great attorney, is to watch how they talk to people. From their legal assistants and coworkers, to the opposing counsel, an attorney who treats everyone with respect and dignity is a great attorney.

Considerable Experience:

Being an attorney is like anything else in life – the more you do it, and the more you’re willing to learn from your encounters along the way, the better at it you get. An attorney who has been practicing the law for years, and has a long track record of success, is far more likely to get you the outcome you want in your divorce, than simply a lawyer who’s done this before a few times and isn’t a total novice. Make sure your attorney is experienced, has access to a great team of other attorneys with years of legal practice under their belt, and a lot of happy former clients.

Unwavering Client Loyalty:

Your attorney needs to be 100% on your side. When you hire a lawyer to represent you, you have the right to expect absolute dedication to your case. If your attorneys is top-of-the-line, they’re going to fight fiercely for what’s best for you, no matter what it takes, and how unattainable it may seem. The best attorneys put their clients interests first in every encounter. So if your attorney isn’t pursuing your goals with every resource available to them, then they’re not your best option.

Knowledge of the Law:

A great attorney isn’t just experienced, loyal and dedicated, they also know everything there is to know about their chosen field. And when something changes, or legislation is updated, they make a point of keeping themselves educated so that they’re not left out of the loop. The best Michigan divorce attorneys are intimately familiar with every aspect of family law as it’s practiced in the great lakes state, so that their clients always have the benefit of cutting edge legal representation.

Make sure you have the best divorce lawyer around

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