When is it The Right Time to File For Divorce? (Part 2)

Figuring out the time that works best for your life is very important!


Welcome back and thanks for joining us again. In the previous article we introduced the subject of when it’s the right time to file for divorce, and talked about factors that could influence your decision, like your and your children’s safety. Moving on we’re going to look at a few other factors that could influence your decision about when to file. And first on the list is moving.


If you or your spouse take a new job far from from where you live now


If you or your spouse are considering taking jobs that require the family to move to a new home, then you need to speak to a family law attorney immediately. If you’re considering ending your marriage and your spouse is thinking of taking an out-of-state job, or a job that will require the family to uproot and move halfway across the state, the sooner you deal with it the better.


Announcing your desire to file for divorce after you’ve just moved the family hours from their home, will make your spouse very resentful. That can have a negative impact on the divorce process and make custody proceedings very complicated! There are also a lot of other potential consequences. For example, you may lose the ability to file for divorce in Michigan, and other states may have mandatory waiting periods to file, causing further delay.


If you just lost your job and your situation is about to change significantly!


If you were the family breadwinner and you just lost your job, there are two sides to the argument about when you should file for divorce. On the one hand, there’s the argument that now is a good time to file for divorce because you’re income is drastically reduced, and so your alimony payments will be much smaller! Although remember, that doesn’t always apply, and in some situations you could be made to pay alimony based on your prior income even though you might be unemployed. (Talk to your attorney before making any decisions!)


However, the flip side of that coin says that your spouse and children will be put in a very difficult position, financially, if you choose to leave them right after you also lost your job. Either way, you will have to do some serious thinking about what will be best, both for you and for your family, in this situation.


If your spouse is making big moves without consulting you!


If your spouse looks like they might be considering a split as well, you need to pay attention! If your wife cleans out the joint account and puts all the money into an account only she has access to, or your husband sells off thousands of dollars of stocks without telling you, you need to talk to a family lawyer!


Discuss your options with a skilled divorce attorney, and find out what you’re best moves are. You may need to play a more defensive role than you had first realized. A spouse who makes major financial decisions that impact you, but they don’t tell you until it’s a done deal, may be trying to prepare for a divorce bombshell of their own! So don’t look the other way and hope it all works out!


Talking to a divorce lawyer first is your best move!


Before you decided to move out, or empty the bank accounts, or take the kids and run, always check with a divorce attorney first! There are several situations where you will need help from a professional who knows the law, and also many actions you could take that could get you into a lot of trouble with the court!

Making the decision to end a marriage is a major one, and it needs to be handled correctly. So be sure to talk your decision over with an experienced family law attorney who can help you prepare for every eventuality. If you or a loved one are considering a divorce in Michigan, regardless of what your personal situation may be, call 866 766 5245 and let our highly skilled divorce lawyers help you through every aspect of the process.