Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Hire a Divorce Attorney!

Hiring a lawyer may seem too costly, but not hiring a lawyer can be very expensive!


Go grab yourself a couple of tissues – this one’s tear jerker. No seriously, it’s actually a really sad story about a Michigan dad who lost pretty much everything because he didn’t think he could afford an attorney. Much like the story of the dog with a bone, who looked over the side of the bridge and saw another dog with a bigger bone (which was nothing more than his own reflection!) He dropped the bone he already had, and tried to grab the bigger bone from the ‘other dog’, and as you can guess, lost his bone and had nothing to show for his efforts.


In this case, we have a hard working dad of two kids who discovers his wife is cheating on him with a family friend. He’s heartbroken, offers to go to counselling with her to save their marriage, and she decides that what she’d much rather have in life is a clean slate to start over with. So she files for divorce. And that’s only the beginning…


He stalls because he doesn’t want to end the marriage.


She moves out, moves in with her parents, and takes their kids with her. It’s an arrangement that he can hardly argue with, after all, he works more than full time on his business, and she was a stay at home mom, so she’s always been the primary caregiver. But her parents don’t live in the same city. Suddenly he’s having to drive more than an hour each way to visit his kids.


In addition, he’s still paying every month for her cell phone (which she’s using to stay in contact with her lover that she insisted she isn’t seeing any more, but that doesn’t explain the fact that his number shows up 60 or 70 times on her monthly bill). And he’s giving her money for diapers and food and gas for her car and allowance because she doesn’t have a job and she insists that the kids need to get out and about and have fun.


Then she starts writing him letters about what a terrible husband he was…


The letters say how afraid she was for her life for years, and was too scared to say anything to him. He’s incredibly confused. What is she talking about? He never did or said anything that would be cause for concern. Then he hears a little rumor from a mutual friend that she was told to write those letters to create a record of fictional abuses, so as to have “evidence” that would ensure her full custody, and a much larger child support payment.


She hires an attorney. He decides he can’t avoid it any longer, so he comes to talk to us. We tell him he’s got a good chance of getting a fair break as far as child custody and alimony are concerned. But he decides he doesn’t want to spend the money on an attorney. “I’ll just represent myself. In the end, the truth will prove I’m the one being wronged here!” he tells us. And that’s exactly what he does. And his wife’s attorney eats him alive at the hearings.


All in all, it doesn’t end well for this Michigan dad…


We found out that the child support payments he’s making have crippled him financially. He’s had to sell his business and his house, and move in with his parents. He only sees his children once a week for two hours, and those visits have to be supervised by someone from friend of the court. He’s lost everything – his home, his family, his business, his life as he knew it – and his ex has got everything. It’s heartbreaking. And it could all have been avoided, if only he’d hired a good attorney to represent him during his divorce.

If there’s a moral to this story, it’s this: don’t go into battle unarmed. Or in other words: don’t get divorced without hiring an attorney to represent you. This particular dad was stunned by how malicious and conniving his formerly sweet and loving wife had become. He couldn’t believe it. It was like she’d become a completely different person overnight. But we see it all the time! Divorce can bring out the worst in people. Which is why you should ALWAYS get help from the best family law attorneys available to you – like the family law team at The Kronzek Firm. So call us today at 866 766 5245, and make sure your future is in good hands!