Why You Should Make New Friends After Your Divorce. (Pt 1)

Two women laughing together
Having friends to lean on during rough times, and to celebrate with during the good times, makes all the difference!

Divorce is a classic example of shedding the old life to start a new one. For many people, the process is painful and frightening and emotionally exhausting (which is entirely understandable) but provides new opportunities for growth and change. Many people look forward, beyond their divorce processes, imagining themselves free of an old life that held them back and made them unhappy. But what does that have to do with your friends?

Friendships are a valuable resource during tough times.

But while many crave the new norm, they aren’t entirely sure how to achieve that. And while there are hundreds of books and blogs (including ours!) that can help you with the many different things you need to consider as you move forward into your new, post-divorce life, one of the things that doesn’t seem to get as much press time is the issue of new friendships.

Friends – old and new – are a valuable resource!

Let’s start by making sure we’re all on the same page about one very important fact – we’re not suggesting you get rid of your old friends or replace your existing relationships. Your current friends – the ones who stuck by you during the divorce, supporting and listening and caring when you needed it most – are a treasure worth more than gold. Those people are amazing and you should keep those friendships close to your heart. But you should also make room in your life for new people 

Why would you need new friends after a divorce?

New friendships are like a breath of fresh air. New relationships with new people (and we’re specifically talking about platonic relationships here!) expose you to new ideas, new hobbies, and even new lifestyles. They provide you with opportunities for growth in your personal life, and a chance to experience new things. And in the wake of a divorce, you could use some “new” in your life.

You’re going to lose friends in your divorce.

If you didn’t already know that, then we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s true – you almost always lose friends during the divorce. This is partly because some of those friends will take your spouse’s side and you’ll be seen as the “bad guy.” Also, it can happen because people sometimes struggle with other people’s grief, and so they distance themselves from what they see as an uncomfortable situation. And some people just aren’t okay with divorce, and once it happens to you, you’ll be considered “tainted”. Weird but true.

Divorce is hard, so get all the help you can!

Having good friends to stand by you during hard times is critical. But so is having a good divorce attorney! So if you’re considering calling it quits and starting life anew, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 today and make an appointment with one of our skilled and experienced family law attorneys. We have decades of experience helping the people of mid-Michigan with all of their family law needs and concerns. We offer free consultations and accept calls round the clock. We’re here to help. And don’t forget to come back next time for more tips on making friends after your divorce.