Why You Should Make New Friends After Your Divorce. (Pt 2)

Three women all standing together and smiling.
Friends are very important for getting through rough times, but also for breathing new life into your future!

Welcome back – we’ve been talking about the importance of making new friendships after your divorce. As we mentioned in the previous article, you’re going to lose a few friends during your divorce process, so you’ll be in need of a few new friendships anyway. But there are loads of other great reasons for why new friendships can make a big difference in your life after you’ve been through a divorce. Still not sure why you might need a fresh stash of buddies? Check this out…

You’ll feel like a “third wheel” with your friends for a while

There’s a good chance that a number of your friends are “couple friends” – people you and your spouse did things together with, as a couple. Assuming you retain those friends, tagging along on their couple outings isn’t going to be as much fun now that you’re flying solo. One of the benefits of making new friends now that you’re single is that your new friends will meet you as a solo person. So you can do one-on-one coffee dates, Sunday brunches, or girls-nights-out with your new single friends, and you won’t feel like a third wheel at the couples party.

New friends can mean new hobbies, and vice versa!

New people offer new life experiences and new opportunities for trying something new, but the reverse is also true. Trying something new can help you meet new people. So now that you’re divorced, ask yourself if there’s anything you’ve always wanted to do that you haven’t tried yet, and then try it. Join a running club, take a pottery class, sign up for yoga at the community center. The options are endless. But chances are, as you broaden your horizons you’ll have endless opportunities to forge new friendships.

Your kids will need a change of scenery too!

Divorce is rough on kids too, and if you’re a parent, you know how tough the divorce has likely been for your children. So finding new friends with children (especially other single and divorced parents) can make a world of difference. Strike up a conversation with other parents at school, join the PTA, or volunteer on your kids field trips. There are many other single parents out there in need of a good friend, and there’s nothing as great as having built-in playdates for your kids while you hang out with someone who totally gets what you’ve been through.

A fresh start in life needs fresh friendships

There’s nothing more annoying than friends who will always see you as damaged or broken. Friends who pity you, or worry about you, or try to “hook you up with this great guy from work” because they can’t handle the fact that you’re alone. You don’t need that. So finding yourself some friends who don’t know you from “before”, and only know you as a single person forging ahead in life, can be a breath of fresh air.

Divorce is challenging, but we’ve got your back!

Getting divorced changes a lot of things about your life, and you’ll find that relationships are only one aspect of the subjects you’ll have to reassess when your marriage ends. Obviously, we can’t provide you with a new social circle or another group of friends after your divorce, but the help we do provide is invaluable in other ways! Our experienced and compassionate family law attorneys can help you with every aspect of your divorce process, from asset division and alimony, to child support and alimony, plus everything in between. So just call 866 766 5245 today. We’re available 24/7 to help.