Wondering About Mediation in Your Divorce? We’ve Got Answers.

A group of people all placing their hands together in a circle, signifying working together and supporting one another.
A mediator works with you and your spouse and your respective attorneys to overcome problems and arrive at fair and equitable decisions.

If you’ve heard about mediation as a way to facilitate divorce, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, we understand your concern. Divorce is a very difficult transition in life, and so anything that might make the process easier would be hugely beneficial. But in that same token, anything that might make it harder would be a disaster. So is mediation a good idea for your divorce? What exactly would that mean for you, and how would it enhance the process? We looked at the most common questions our clients asked us about mediation, and decided to answer them for you here.

What is divorce mediation?

A mediator is a specially-trained, neutral third-party, who meets with a couple during their divorce process to help them work through many of the issues they face and help them reach resolutions. The mediator works to help a couple achieve their own ends, rather than having the issue addressed by the court, where a couple is more likely to lose control of the outcome. They help guide discussions and keep the focus on the issues that need to be addressed. Everything from child custody, child support, alimony, and asset division can be addressed during these meetings.

When would you need a mediator?

There is no fixed time limit for mediation. A couple can employ the services of a mediator before they file for divorce, during the process, and even after it’s all over if new issues come up that need to be addressed. When you include a mediator would be entirely up to you and your spouse. Although the sooner a mediator steps in to help you, the more likely you are to reach an outcome that works for both of you.

Who should your mediator be?

Who you choose to be your mediator makes a big difference. A mediator’s job is to be invested in a positive outcome, but not take sides. They have to be impartial and not judge, but still engage the divorcing couple and help them work together towards outcomes that honor both of their needs. So when choosing a mediator, make sure it’s someone you can work with, who maintains a professional and helpful demeanor, and doesn’t get emotionally involved in the process.

How can your lawyer help with your mediation?

There are many ways your lawyer can help your mediation process. For starters, your attorney can help you find the right mediator, and recommend when in the process would be a good time for you to get them involved. They can also make sure you know what your rights are, that you’re properly protected in all your dealings with your spouse and that you know what is fair and reasonable to expect when it comes to an outcome.

We can help you with all of this during your divorce.

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