So You’re Officially Divorced. Now What…?

Your divorce may be over, but there are probably several loose ends you need to wrap up!


It’s over – you’re finally, officially divorced. Great job! It’s been a long hard road, and you can now say that it’s all behind you. So what now? Are there things you should do before you embark on this new, free life of yours? Is there some last-minute issue you overlooked, or a possible complication you should know about? Maybe….


Many people don’t realize that, just because the divorce is final, it doesn’t mean they’re completely off the hook. Sometimes there are post-judgment issues that come up, or specific obligations that were spelled out in the divorce judgment that need to be honored. Either way, you might not be out of the woods yet. So what can you do to be prepared for what lies ahead? Easy – read this list and follow our suggestions….


Meet with your divorce attorney one more time:


Wait, what? I thought we were DONE! Well, yes…. And no. You are done with the divorce, but there are several loose ends that may need tying up, and you may not even know what they are until you speak to an attorney. So schedule one last check in, and while you’re there, :


  • Clarify the terms of your divorce. Do you have child support or alimony payments the court has ordered you to pay? If so, when must they be made, and what are the amounts?
  • Ask about what the consequences are if you or your spouse do not comply with court orders. Also, find out what your rights are, in the event that the person refusing to comply is your spouse, and you’re forced to seek legal help to ensure that you continue to get what the court said you are due.
  • Ask about advice for the future. Are there things you should avoid, or situations you should be aware of, or maybe red flags you should keep an eye out for? You would be amazed at how many unpleasant situations can be avoided simply by being aware and paying attention.
  • Discuss strategies for avoiding conflict with your ex. Find out what the best ways are to solve issues that come up, and ask about what problems will require going back to court and what is best solved without legal intervention.


Read your entire divorce agreement:


Yes, we mean every word on every page! You may not realize this, but there are aspects that might be time sensitive, and you’ll need to know which ones, and what time frame.


  • Certain situation may say that you need to respond to something or do something ‘within 60 days (or 6 months) of signing this agreement…’ Make a list of things that are time sensitive, and get started as soon as you can. Missing things might have really negative consequences for you in the future!
  • There are going to be things you need to take care of in the wake of finalizing your divorce. For example, getting a life insurance policy to protect the support agreement in the case of death, changing the name on the title of your home, Dividing retirement plans (QDROs), and taking your spouse off your health insurance. Obviously, the sooner the better, so add these to your list and get rolling!
  • Plan for your future. Which means taking care of all of those boring-but-important things like preparing a new will, and changing the beneficiaries on your retirement accounts. Not exciting, and not something you think about on a daily basis, but very important none-the-less!


Have you finalized your divorce and need help preparing for the future?

Getting divorced can be a confusing and frightening time. Many people struggle with what to do, and even more are not properly prepared for what happens next. However, if you start with number one on this list – having one last meeting with your attorney, you can eliminate a lot of those potential scare factors. Being able to wrap up all of those loose ends with help from someone who knows exactly what needs to be done, can provide great peace of mind. So call The Kronzek Law Firm right now at 866 766 5245. We are always here to help.