Modern Technology Provides Tools For Spousal Abuse (Part 2)

“old school” devices may have been less “convenient” but they couldn’t be used to harass someone!


Hello and welcome back to this discussion about modern technology and it’s increasing role in domestic abuse. As we mentioned in the previous article, every part of life today is facilitated in some capacity by modern technology. And while these developments have made life more convenient, they have also allowed basic, everyday items to become tools for modern-day spousal abuse.


Domestic violence isn’t about violence, it’s about control!


As Brandy Thompson, an experienced  family law attorney explains, “People don’t realize that Domestic Violence isn’t really about “violence” – its about control. These modern technology devices have given abusers a new way to control their victims even when they are not physically present. Sadly, victims no longer get a reprieve when their abuser goes to work or otherwise leaves the home. The devices ensure that someone is always in control.”


The first step is to be be aware of the possibilities in your home.


When you and your spouse or partner go your separate ways, be aware that they may have had an app on their phone to control the front door lock, the fridge temp, or the baby monitor. Which means that they now have control over something in your home, even although they don’t live there anymore. So you’re going to need to take the time to find out how you can protect yourself.


Every device is different, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.


Unless you happen to live in one of those super intergrated new smart homes, where everything is controlled through one app or device, you probably have a number of different devices that need to be handled individually. So take the time to find out how to do a factory reset on your fridge, or uninstall your baby monitor from the app and then reinstall it so that only you have control. It may be frustrating or annoying, but it’s worth it!


If you can’t solve the problem, there are options!


Not every tech related issue is something you can solve on your own. Perhaps your ex set up the account and you can’t change settings or passwords without the info only they have. Or perhaps you’re just not a very tech savvy person and that’s why your ex handled all of that stuff. But it’s important that an abusive ex not be allowed to control or harrass you. So call the company that made the product and talk to someone about your situation, or call an IT person to have them assist you. Doing nothing is not an option!


There are things you can do to protect yourself from an abusive ex!


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