The Top Misconceptions People Have About Working With Divorce Lawyers (Pt 3)

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If you think hiring a lawyer is a mistake, think again! A good lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your divorce!

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again. We’ve been talking about the main reasons people think getting a lawyer to help with divorce is a waste of time, and so far we’ve looked at the four most common misconceptions people have. If you missed the first article in this three-part series, we recommend you take a moment to get caught up here. If you’re all ready to go, and you’ve read about the issues of cost, not being listened to, being kept in the dark and not feeling heard, then you’re ready to wrap it with the last two issues…

The main misconceptions people have about having a lawyer handle their divorce:

  • Attorneys don’t get you what you need, and they don’t really help!

This one can be a little difficult, as there are people out there who genuinely believe that their attorneys didn’t do enough for them, or didn’t get them the outcome they deserved in their cases. Sometimes they’re right, and sometimes they’re not. The reality is that a good attorney can work wonders for a case, but they’re not magicians. 

A really good attorney can do absolutely everything in their power for their clients and still not get the outcome they want. Why? Because the outcome of a case isn’t decided by your attorney alone. There are other people involved as well – your spouse, their attorney, the Judge, Friend of the Court, and they all have a say in the process. So while there are no guarantees in life, you can start by choosing a reputable attorney with a lot of experience and a bunch of great reviews!

  • Lawyers don’t respect you! They treat you like you’re an idiot!

We know the law in Michigan. We’ve been practicing family law, and handling divorces for our clients, for many decades. But there’s a distinct difference between being an expert in something, and treating others poorly because they don’t have your same experience. Our clients choose us because they want an expert to help them navigate their divorces, and we treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve throughout the entire process.

Although we’ve heard of lawyers who treat their clients disrespectfully, it’s something we have never done, and would never do. We believe very firmly that everyone brings something very valuable to the table during a legal proceeding, and our clients are part of that legal team. No one knows the ins and out of their marriage like they do, and no one else could possibly have access to the knowledge they have access to. They are a valuable and critical member of our team.

We treat our clients with the respect they deserve during a divorce!

As divorce attorneys, we know that no one knows our client’s situations better than themselves. They’re the expert on their own situations. They know themselves and their spouses better than we ever could, and we defer to their knowledge. We know the law, but our clients know their relationships and marriages. Together, we make a formidable team that can work together to ensure their future, solve problems effectively and efficiently as they come up, and make informed choices to protect each client’s family. 

If you’re ready to end your marriage, and you want help from a respected legal team who values you and everything you bring to the table, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Whatever people’s misconceptions and misunderstandings may be, we’re available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. We’re here to help.