What a Great Divorce Lawyer Really Looks Like (Pt 2)

Hi there and welcome back to this discussion about what a great divorce attorney really looks like, versus just a ‘good’ lawyer. Because as we pointed out in the first article, good is certainly better than ‘meh’ (and you absolutely don’t ever want a ‘meh’ attorney handling your divorce!). But there’s a big difference between good and great, in the same way that there’s a difference between a pretty good bowl of canned soup, and a bowl of your grandma’s homemade soup. It’s just not even comparable. So here are some key differences you should keep an eye out for when choosing your divorce attorney that separate the ‘good’ from the ‘great’.

Signs of an excellent divorce lawyer:


A great divorce attorney has integrity. Despite all the many jokes about lawyers that you’ve heard, the best attorneys really do have integrity. They believe fiercely in getting the best deals for their clients, in following and respecting the law, and in achieving the best possible outcomes in every case by being creative but never underhanded. The best attorneys are never sneaky, and never engage in shady deals. They are honest, upfront, and respected by the people they work with. If your divorce lawyer has a reputation for being devious (which is not the same as aggressive or determined!) then you need another legal representative.

Master Negotiator & Salesman:

Divorce is all about negotiation. Trying to get the best possible deal for your client while not enflaming their spouse, or provoking a violent reaction from the opposition’s attorney. An excellent divorce lawyer will be both a master negotiator, and a master salesman. They will be able to come up with the best possible plans for your future, and approach solutions to issues in a confident and reasonable way. They will also help your soon-to-be-ex see the viability of what they’re proposing without angering them, thereby “selling” them on the pertinent issues and getting you the best possible settlement in your case.

Creative Strategist:

A top-of-the-line divorce lawyer will always be a really good creative strategist. When one plan doesn’t work out, they’ll find another solution. When one proposal gets rejected, they’ll work to come up with creative, outside-the-box ideas to get you what you need. The best family law attorneys approach problem solving in a creative way, always working within the law to come up with the best possible strategies for addressing all those issues that pop up along the way during a divorce.

Straight Talker:

Divorce law can be complex, and when it comes down to it there are lots of potentially difficult topics that will need to be discussed, like your taxes, your financial assets, and your custody schedule options. What you don’t need right now is someone who will talk circles around you, drowning you in ‘legalese’ and making already complex topics even more confusing. The best attorneys are able to explain even the most complicated laws in straightforward terms for their clients, and break down their situation into easy to understand terminology. If your lawyer has suggested that a topic that affects your case is too complicated for you to understand, or won’t take the time to explain all of your options to you in a straightforward and simple way, it’s time to switch attorneys.

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